Billionaire God of War Chapter 2466

Chapter 2466

The winds howled as the spirits howled. The screeches of pain and agony hung heavy in the air as thousands of ghosts swirled above in the sky, staring at Greedy Wolf, waiting for their chance to sneak into his body.

Celaine was getting worried. She was worried that Greedy Wolf might die at a faster rate if this went on. Nobody had ever made that request of her. Greedy Wolf broke that rule, but he might be the only one who would do that.

She regretted her decision the moment she cast Guidance. If she didn’t agree to it, Greedy Wolf would not have done something like this.

However, the time for regret had passed her a while ago. At this point, all she could do was try her best to keep Greedy Wolf safe. After all, she did not want to see him die.

A loud slam was heard as the first spirit rush into Greedy Wolf’s body, making him shiver. He tensed all his muscles up, and his twin iris flashed brightly.

“Come on!” he roared at the spirits without fear or fervor. The very moment the first spirit entered his body, Greedy Wolf shredded it to pieces with sheer willpower, and the spirit burst apart like a bubble that was popped.

Greedy Wolf activated his technique and devoured the spirit he just killed. I did it. It works. I knew it would work! The first success raised his confidence a lot.

He had been putting everything at stake just to get this shot at success. Even though the Demon King had been dominating his soul these past few days, that did not mean Greedy Wolf wasted his time. In fact, he was studying the Demon King’s soul. After finding out that the Demon King actually devoured his predecessor’s soul, Greedy Wolf realized that he might actually have that ability as well.

If that b*stard can do this, then gaining power by devouring souls is a viable way to get stronger.

He looked into the Demon King’s demonic technique and showed no resistance when the Demon King was using his body. In fact, he stepped aside and allowed him to take control however he wanted to.

He wasn’t being stupid. He was just trying to collect information on the Demon King.

If the Demon King were to find out that Greedy Wolf’s madness actually drove him to the point of copying his way of gaining strength through soul-devouring, he would be shocked. Anyone would be, of course. After all, not everyone had that kind of patience and guts to do what Greedy Wolf did.

It was either a terrifying trait or an impressive one, depending on the opinion of the critic.

The spirits came in droves, overwhelming the vast sky and blocking the sun behind them. They howled at their prey. One look at the spectral sight was enough to make a horrifying chill run down Celaine’s spine, but she would not let up. She was surprised when she saw Greedy Wolf devouring the first soul, for she never thought it would work. He actually did it? He actually did it!

She took a deep breath and kept her focus on, controlling the speed of the spirits’ entrance. She wouldn’t let them sneak in too fast, nor would she let them go in too slow.

Despite his initial success, Celaine still thought it was a crazy plan to devour so many spirits.

Greedy Wolf did not think that much, though. He was paying his full attention to the souls and devouring them as they entered his body. Even though he was powerful, the sheer impact from the souls slamming against him was putting a lot of weight on his shoulders.

Cracks were starting to form on his skin, and blood flowed from every inch of his body. It did not take long for him to be drenched crimson, but Greedy Wolf paid no heed to it. He did not even realize his body was literally breaking down, but he had no luxury of multitasking at the moment.

The only reason he could remain focused was because his assistant was Celaine. She was the only one he trusted that would watch his back.

Even if he were to die, it would be worth it if Celaine was the one to do the deed.

Greedy Wolf kept devouring the souls one by one without stopping. His brain was at the brink of exploding, but he did not give up. He could feel the souls filling the cavity of his body and almost breaking it apart. It was an indescribable feeling.

Greedy Wolf was going through an intense ordeal, and he had no time to think of anything else. He opened his mouth and kept devouring the souls just like a hungry lion. Eventually, he lost count of the number of souls he had devoured.


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