Billionaire God of War Chapter 2467

Chapter 2467

Time passed, but the sandstorm did not relent, and the winds kept howling as it told of a disaster that was taking place within the desert.

Far, far back in the Underworld, someone felt a huge disturbance in the air. They looked in Greedy Wolf’s direction, but none knew what was happening.

“What happened?”

“Such power. I’m shivering from it.”

“Did something come out? Is there something else in the Underworld that we don’t know?”

Vinny looked into the distance, gazing into the abyss. He had a bad feeling about what was happening, and he thought something more terrifying than the Demon King had appeared. Even though the Demon King had disappeared, he did not think for a moment that the monster was dead. After all, nobody could kill the Demon King.

However, he did know that there were people far more terrifying than the Demon King in this world. All of a sudden, Greedy Wolf’s name popped into his mind.

“I really hope it’s not him,” Vinny mumbled to himself.

Of course, nothing would go as Vinny wished, for Greedy Wolf was the very person who caused the commotion.

Being the mad person that he was, Greedy Wolf was in the process of devouring countless souls in an attempt to free himself from the clutches of the Demon King. His face was red, and his eyes were filled with madness and blood. His face, contorted with rage, was making him look like a demon from hell.

Celaine was worried about Greedy Wolf when she saw that he was not in a good state. She wanted to stop in case Greedy Wolf were to fall, but the man showed no signs of stopping.

His body was shivering more and more violently every passing second. She could hear his bones cracking from the weight of the souls that tried to wrest control over a single vessel.

A worried frown dotted her forehead, and Celaine fell into a dilemma. Should I keep this up, or should I stop?

If she were to stop now, Greedy Wolf’s effort would have been for naught, but if she did not, then death might be the fate that awaited Greedy Wolf.

No. I cannot stop. She took a deep breath. This plan might end up saving Greedy Wolf’s life, but she might never forgive herself for doing it.

“You must live!” She gritted her teeth and poured everything she had into keeping him safe.

At the same time, Greedy Wolf had reached a critical point. His mind and soul were still devouring the souls, gaining more and more power from it. The more souls he devoured, the quicker his pace became at gobbling them up.

Greedy Wolf’s soul had become more than a hundred times stronger than it was before. It was madness, yes, but a calculated one. Ironically, he took inspiration from one of his worst enemies and made it work for him.

As he persevered and became stronger, he realized that devouring the souls became easier with every passing moment. Eventually, it turned from a daunting task into something as simple as breathing.

Greedy Wolf eventually calmed down, though the light in his twin iris sparkled ever brighter. As he slowly heaved out a long sigh, he felt his body becoming lighter. His cells leaped with joy, and he could control every inch of his own body, unlike how he was before.

The storm slowly came to a stop, as the tale of the disaster had dwindled down. Greedy Wolf had devoured every single soul in the desert, leaving nothing behind.

Celaine was exhausted, and her forehead was drenched with sweat, but she felt at ease when she saw Greedy Wolf coming out fine.

“How do you feel?”

“I feel great.” Greedy Wolf looked at her. “Thank you, Celaine. You saved me. Gave me a new life.”

Celaine shook her head silently. She only did it because she did not want to see him die with nothing but a whimper. However, she did not like to see him bringing the world to its knees either. The conflict that raged within her was making her doubt her own decision.

“It’s over.” Celaine said, “As long as you’re alive, then that is all that matters. This is as much as I can do.”

“No. It is not over yet.” Greedy Wolf shook his head. He was still sitting in the same spot, but the aura around him was starting to get intense and heavy as if the air itself was tainted with a grim stench.

“This is but the beginning. The beginning of the end.” Greedy Wolf said, “Everything hangs in the balance now.”

The plan was set in motion. He intended to devour one final soul—the soul of the Demon King.


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