Billionaire God of War Chapter 2468

Chapter 2468

Celaine was stunned.

She did not expect for this to be just the beginning.

If Greedy Wolf absorbing all these souls is just the beginning, then… Could it be that he plans on absorbing the Demon King’s soul next? Has he lost his mind?

It was at that moment that Celaine realized Greedy Wolf had absorbed all those souls to strengthen himself for a battle with the Demon King’s soul.

“You need to stop, Greedy Wolf!” Celaine shouted at the top of her lungs in an attempt to stop his suicidal act.

After all, the Demon King’s soul was such a powerful entity that there would be a huge gap in strength even if Greedy Wolf absorbed thousands of ordinary souls. She reckoned that his plan was never going to work.

Celaine tried to run toward him, but a wave of energy erupted from the ground and kept her trapped outside.

“Stop it, Greedy Wolf! You’ll die if you do this!”

Unable to just sit by and watch Greedy Wolf die, Celaine was determined to stop him, even if it meant doing so by force.

Greedy Wolf was probably the only person crazy enough to challenge the Demon King.

“I have to regain control of my body.”

Greedy Wolf ignored Celaine after saying that.

He was so stubborn that no one could change his mind once he was determined to do something.

He then slowly closed his eyes before opening them forcefully, activating his twin iris and making his pupils emanate a blinding bright light in the process.

“Let us fight to the death, Demon King!”

Greedy Wolf awakened the Demon King’s soul without any hesitation, and their souls engaged in a fierce battle within his body.

“How dare you challenge me? Since you want to die this badly, I’ll grant you your wish!”

The Demon King was clearly enraged as Greedy Wolf’s actions challenged his authority as a king.

However, Greedy Wolf wasn’t bothered in the slightest as he had come prepared.

Sensing the incoming assault, he decided to engage the Demon King head-on.


The collision of their attacks was so forceful that it shook the entire subconscious space around them.

The Demon King was shocked as he didn’t expect Greedy Wolf to fight him head-on. He could clearly feel that Greedy Wolf’s soul had gotten a lot stronger than before.

“I can’t believe you learned to absorb souls like me!”

“You were the one who taught me that. You and I are sharing a single body and consciousness, so we are both aware of each other’s thoughts at all times. The only difference is, I’m not as arrogant as you are to drop your guard completely!” Greedy Wolf replied.

The Demon King was so prideful that he would never see Greedy Wolf as more than just a vessel.

Little did he know, Greedy Wolf was hell-bent on reclaiming his body to the point that he would resort to extreme measures. Greedy Wolf went as far as keeping his intentions suppressed and giving the Demon King full control over his body, all so he could learn more of the Demon King’s secrets and find out how to kill him.

Naturally, the Demon King didn’t take kindly to being deceived and disrespected like that.


The Demon King’s power still surpassed that of Greedy Wolf’s. It was a fact that became increasingly obvious as their souls clashed repeatedly in the subconscious space.

Although Greedy Wolf was fully aware of his disadvantage, he still refused to back down as he knew he had minimized that power difference between them.

I’ve strengthened my soul, and Ethan has weakened the Demon King’s soul significantly. If I don’t seize this rare opportunity right now, I may never get another chance at it!


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