Billionaire God of War Chapter 2470

Chapter 2470

The Demon King was instantly plunged into complete darkness, and all he could hear was the sound of gnashing teeth.

This b*stard… He’s eating my eye!

The Demon King was going crazy. He wanted to struggle, but alas, his limbs were gone.

He wanted to fight back, but he had lost the ability to do so.

Like a heartless beast, Greedy Wolf continued to rip pieces off the Demon King’s soul before shoving them into his mouth.

Blood was spraying everywhere, and the scent of it drove Greedy Wolf into a frenzied state.

Soon, all that remained of the Demon King were his blood staining the ground.

His presence had completely been erased from the subconscious space.

Greedy Wolf slowly stood up, his body covered in both the Demon King’s blood as well as his own. His soul grew increasingly powerful, and that feeling was so great that he went into a state of euphoria.

His severed arm then regenerated by itself, and his soul was whole again.

“This feels amazing! Simply amazing! Hahahaha!”

Greedy Wolf burst out laughing maniacally.

I did it! I made my comeback and absorbed the Demon King’s soul! This power… It’s coming from within! My soul feels so different compared to how it was before!

Meanwhile, Celaine was worried sick as she couldn’t do anything to help Greedy Wolf out.

Seeing him become calm like he had fallen into a deep sleep only worsened her feelings of anxiety even further.

“Greedy Wolf! Wake up! Wake up!”

She wanted nothing more than to rush to his side, but the barrier from the formation was still in her way.

Celaine slammed her palm against it so hard that it shook the entire barrier, but it didn’t crack in the slightest.

With her teeth clenched, she delivered a few more strikes to it with all of her might. Eventually, a few cracks began to form on the barrier.


Desperate, Celaine balled up her fist and punched the barrier as hard as she could. The barrier was finally shattered, and she immediately rushed toward Greedy Wolf.

Greedy Wolf happened to open his eyes at that very moment, and Celaine found herself stunned when she met his gaze. Her entire body trembled violently like she had been struck by lightning, and she felt as if she was descending into a bottomless abyss.

After taking a few seconds to regain her composure, Celaine went on high alert as she asked, “Are you Greedy Wolf or the Demon King?”

His aura is so terrifying! He’s like a completely different person compared to the Greedy Wolf I know, but it doesn’t feel like he’s the Demon King either…

“It’s me,” Greedy Wolf said in his own voice and stared calmly at her.

“Greedy Wolf? You… You did it?”

Celaine was shocked.

He actually absorbed the Demon King’s soul?

Greedy Wolf nodded, showing no fluctuations in his emotion whatsoever. Despite having undergone such a huge transformation both physically and spiritually, he was actually a lot calmer than before.

He then stood up and looked at Celaine as he said, “The Demon King no longer exists in this world. Thank you, Celaine. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your Guidance.”

Celaine was spacing out a little as she stared at the man standing before her.

For some reason, Greedy Wolf felt like a complete stranger despite looking and sounding the same as usual.

His soul must’ve gotten a lot stronger after absorbing the Demon King’s soul, but… Is he still the same Greedy Wolf that I know?

“If the Demon King no longer exists, then what about yourself?” she asked all of a sudden.


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