Billionaire God of War Chapter 2471

Chapter 2471

I’m the same old Greedy Wolf. I’m not the Demon King or anything,” Greedy Wolf replied with a smile.

He then walked up to Celaine and reached out to caress her face, only to have her move out of the way.

Greedy Wolf frowned slightly as if dissatisfied by her response before letting out a chuckle. “You still won’t accept me, huh? Even though I have practically become the most powerful man in the world?”

Celaine shook her head. “I never had feelings for you, to begin with. Strongest man or not, I’ve only ever seen you as a friend. I only saved you because I didn’t want to watch a friend die, so please don’t get the wrong idea. Now that I know you’re all right, I have nothing to worry about. Let’s both go on our separate paths from here on.”

She then turned around and began walking away after saying that.

I felt a chilling, murderous aura when I refused to let Greedy Wolf touch me earlier…

“Celaine!” Greedy Wolf called out to her, but she refused to look back.

The next thing she knew, a strong gust of wind came from behind her.

Her face went pale, and her eyes were filled with disbelief. Is Greedy Wolf going to kill me?


Greedy Wolf sent her flying with a strong smack on her back, and she coughed up a mouthful of blood on the spot.

“Are… Are you going to kill me?”

She stared at Greedy Wolf in disbelief. I just risked everything to save his life, and now he’s going to kill me?

“Your Guidance… must not exist…”

The look in Greedy Wolf’s eyes was terrifyingly cold, and his expression kind of resembled the Demon King’s.

That was when Celaine realized Greedy Wolf had become the new Demon King after absorbing the existing Demon King’s soul.

“Was my Guidance the reason you revived me?”

She wondered if Greedy Wolf had ulterior motives and was pretending to like her the whole time.

Greedy Wolf didn’t say a word as he continued making his way toward her, but the cold look in his eyes said it all.

Guidance must pose a threat to him if he doesn’t want it to exist!

Celaine’s eyes were filled with burning anger at the thought of that.

As Greedy Wolf raised his hand, she slammed her palms into the ground and summoned a sandstorm that sent a wave of sand flying toward his face.

Greedy Wolf dispersed the sandstorm with a swipe of his hand, but Celaine was nowhere to be found.

He lowered his head and glanced at the footprints on the ground.

She escaped, huh? Well, whatever… That strike probably crippled her even if she managed to survive it, so there’s no point in chasing after her anyway.

With that in mind, Greedy Wolf stretched his hands out and summoned a much stronger sandstorm in the desert.

The ground began to quake, and dark energy came seeping out of the surface. The dark energy then accumulated around Greedy Wolf before getting absorbed into his body.

“This grave has finally been fully awakened! This is the hell that I have prepared for all of you!”

Greedy Wolf cackled maniacally, his powerful energy sending intense fear into the hearts of everyone in the Underworld.

Vinny trembled uncontrollably as he watched from a distance. “How did it turn out like this…”

In the distance, the dark energy could be seen rising into the sky and spreading in all directions. It felt like a demonic aura that was going to consume everything in its path.

Has a new Demon King been born?

Everyone in the Underworld was terrified and began running for their lives. They wanted to get out of there before it truly became hell.


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