Billionaire God of War Chapter 2472

Chapter 2472

Meanwhile, Ethan was still lost in deep thought within the Heavenly Palace.

He knew very well that the white light was useful to not just himself, but to the entire world as well.

That was also the reason why he was able to grow so much stronger in such a short amount of time. Nonetheless, the white light was still a mystery to him. As such, he reckoned he had to figure it out before he could take on the Demon King.


The ground shook violently all of a sudden, and the skies were covered in dark clouds.

Peter Pan frowned as he looked up at the sky. He had a bad feeling that something very evil had just awakened.

“Is it going to rain, Master? Why isn’t there any thunder?” Kye asked.

Her mother had taught her that rain would always be accompanied by thunder, so having black clouds alone could simply indicate a change in weather.

“Yeah, why isn’t there any thunder?” Peter Pan mumbled to himself.

He then bent down to pat Kye on the head as he said, “Princess, you have to hide if it rains, okay? Make sure to hide somewhere you won’t get wet from.”

Kye nodded obediently. “Okay, I got it!”

Peter Pan simply flashed her a smile in response and brought her to the Longevity Pond.

He felt glad when he saw that Brother Geoff and the others were recovering well.

“Our internal injuries healed up pretty quickly, and you can barely see the external ones anymore.”

“The water from this Longevity Pond sure is amazing!”

Peter Pan nodded, but the sight of Brother Geoff’s missing arm had him somewhat concerned.

I guess it would be rather difficult to regenerate a missing arm, huh?

“Don’t worry about me, Master. I’ll be just fine with one arm! Given my strength, I might just become even stronger fighting with this handicap!” Brother Geoff reassured him with a chuckle.

He was very optimistic about it as he believed men didn’t have the privilege to be depressed.

So what if I’m left with one arm? It’s not going to stop me from wanting to grow stronger!

“Oh, I’m not worried about you. I believe you’ll be able to carve out your own path. You should all be fully healed from your internal injuries in a few more days. We’ll all go home together then,” Peter Pan replied.

It was rare of him to compliment someone like that.

When we get back, I’m going to find Brother Geoff a technique that he can use with one arm. I’ve memorized tons of techniques, so I’m sure I’ll find an ideal one for him!

His train of thoughts was interrupted when he detected someone entering the Heavenly Palace and heading their way.

“Come with me, Princess!”

Peter Pan went on high alert instantly.

Although Brother Geoff and the others haven’t fully recovered from their injuries, they too, prepared themselves for battle.

“It’s Fairy Lady!” Kye shouted excitedly before she even saw who it was.

Her senses were a lot sharper than that of Peter Pan’s, much to his surprise.

It wasn’t until moments later that he detected a familiar aura and recognized it as Celaine’s. However, something seemed off about her physical condition.

He quickly ran toward her direction and saw her staggering about as she dragged her weakened body forward.

“Celaine!” Peter Pan shouted as he rushed to her side, but she fainted before she could even say anything.

He carried her to the Longevity Pond and fed her some of its water through a bottle.

“What happened, Celaine? How did you get wounded so badly?” Peter Pan asked anxiously.

Celaine was still unconscious at the time. Her pale face only looked slightly better after taking a few sips of water.

The huge wound on her back looked gnarly with the split skin and bloodied flesh.

Her dress was stained red from the blood, and two of her bones were broken. It took her all of her strength just to drag herself here.

“What happened to Fairy Lady?” Kye asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry. She’s strong, so she’ll be fine,” Peter Pan reassured her.


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