Billionaire God of War Chapter 2474

Chapter 2474

What else can we do? It’s obvious that killing him is our only option. Problem is, Greedy Wolf has gotten a lot stronger… The Demon King was so tough that even a combined effort from all of us wasn’t enough to kill him, and yet, Greedy Wolf was able to do so with the riskiest method possible. If he was strong enough to kill the Demon King by himself, then he must be a lot stronger now that he has become the new Demon King! Right now, this white light within me is our only hope of defeating him, but it won’t be easy…

With that in mind, Ethan asked, “Where is Greedy Wolf right now?”

Celaine shook her head. “He was at the mass grave in the Underworld when I left. I don’t know where he is at the moment.”

Her body was still weak from the severe injuries she sustained when she barely escaped with her life back there.

Had she not reacted quick enough, she would’ve been struck dead on the spot.

Celaine was still unable to believe that Greedy Wolf would try to kill her.

She didn’t want to accept the fact that he revived her only because he needed her Guidance to achieve his goal, but it was all true.

“Let her rest for now.” Peter Pan motioned at Ethan to stop questioning her any further.

Given how cunning Greedy Wolf was, he would never reveal his plans nor his locations so easily.

“You stay here and look after her. I’ll go do some digging and see what I can find,” Ethan replied with a nod.

We need to stall Greedy Wolf and make sure he doesn’t make his move until I gain control over this white light inside me. His power surpasses that of the Demon King’s, so this white light is our only hope of defeating him. If he plunges this world into endless darkness, even I wouldn’t be able to save it then…

The atmosphere was so tense that even Kye could feel it.

She took her necklace off and placed it in Celaine’s hand as she said, “I’m giving this back to you, Fairy Lady. It’ll protect you, so please get better soon!”

“Thank you, Princess, but I can’t take this back after I’ve given it to you. You need it more than I do,” Celaine replied with a smile while putting the necklace back on Kye’s neck.

She had a feeling that Kye would play a critical role when the time was right.

That was especially the case since she was the final Source valued by both the Heavenly Palace and the Underworld.

As such, ensuring Kye’s safety was of utmost importance.

“Don’t worry. She’ll be fine,” Peter Pan said.

He then turned toward Kye and continued, “Go look after Geoff and the others, Princess. I’ll keep her safe.”

“Okay!” Kye nodded obediently and ran off.

Peter Pan let out a sigh when he looked at Celaine, who was still weak from her injuries.

“Do you regret it now?”

Greedy Wolf would’ve died if Celaine didn’t save him, and the wounded Demon King would’ve been much easier to defeat. However, everything changed when Greedy Wolf became stronger than the Demon King… He will become the nightmare of this world when he plunges it into infinite darkness!

Unsure of what to say, Celaine could only let out a bitter chuckle in response.

She had saved Greedy Wolf with good intentions as she didn’t want to see him die. In fact, Peter Pan would’ve done the same thing if he were in her shoes. No one expected Greedy Wolf to be so shameless that he would trick Celaine to achieve his goal.

“Anyway, you should get some rest. Just let me know if you need anything.”

Peter Pan didn’t say any further as he knew Celaine was probably hurting the most after what happened.

If Greedy Wolf were to destroy the world, then Celaine would be the one to blame for it.

Peter Pan went outside to get some air and glanced at the Heavenly Palace that lay in ruins.


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