Billionaire God of War Chapter 2481

Chapter 2481

“A-Are you seriously going in there? The new Demon King is inside!” the man shouted frantically when he recognized Ethan.

“I know. I’m here to kill him!” Ethan replied before letting go of the man.

He then entered the Underworld with Peter Pan and the others following closely behind.

Most of the people in the Underworld have either escaped or died, so there weren’t many left in there.

Ethan spotted Vinny sitting completely still in the distance. He had a blank look in his eyes and looked like he had aged a lot.

“You’re finally here,” he said calmly while looking up at Ethan, seemingly unaffected by the souls at all.

“Where’s Greedy Wolf?”

Vinny shook his head. “I have no idea. All I know is that the Underworld is gone… It’s gone…” he mumbled repeatedly with a bitter smile on his face.

Ethan decided to ignore him. “Come on, let’s keep moving.”

“I might have an idea about where he is. If he really is still there, then we must work together and kill him!” Celaine said with reddened eyes.

I really regret helping Greedy Wolf back then… He wouldn’t have been able to hurt so many people if it weren’t for me… This is all my fault, so I must take responsibility for it!

She then led them toward the mass grave located deep within the Underworld.

To their horror, they felt a chilling aura of death long before they got close to it. The grave would have to hold an insanely huge amount of dead people for it to emit such an intense aura.

None of them knew a place this terrifying existed when they entered the Underworld before.

Given the huge amount of preparation put into everything, it was obvious that Greedy Wolf had set his sights on this location a long time ago.

“Greedy Wolf isn’t here.”

Celaine couldn’t detect his aura anywhere.

D*mn, he must’ve left after he was done with things over here! That cunning b*stard!

Ethan frowned when he saw a line separating the massive grave from the Underworld when they arrived. The runes used in the construction of this formation were rather complicated ones.

“This is a really complex formation,” he commented.

“Would you be able to break through it?” Peter Pan asked.

Ethan said nothing and was about to step forward when Celaine stopped him.

“There are tons of souls here. You must be prepared so you don’t get affected by them.”

Ethan nodded and held some water from the Longevity Pond in his mouth before stepping into the formation. He needed to study and understand the runes thoroughly before he could come up with a solution.

“You two wait here. I’ll go help him,” Celaine said and went in as well, leaving Peter Pan and Kye to wait outside.

Greedy Wolf had constructed his Nine Star Formation over the massive grave to amplify its power and send the souls to all corners of the world.

Instead of simply destroying the Nine Star Formation, they would have to reverse its function and use its power to bring all those souls back.

However, it wouldn’t be an easy task.

“Greedy Wolf knew we’d come! He designed this formation to self-destruct if we tamper with it!” Ethan exclaimed with a snort.

If the Nine Star Formation were to be destroyed, my only option would be to construct a new one with a reversed functionality. That’ll take a lot of time, and time is a luxury we can’t afford right now… The entire world will be plunged into eternal darkness in a few days. It’d be pointless to bring those souls back after that!

Celaine shook her head. “No, I’m sure we’ll find a way! Greedy Wolf isn’t knowledgeable in formations, so there must be a flaw in this Nine Star Formation that we can exploit! Let’s search for it together!”


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