Billionaire God of War Chapter 2485

Chapter 2485

Those souls could not harm Kye at all. Instead, whenever they passed through her, their movements slowed.

Ethan looked at his daughter. As I suspected, Princess’s unique constitution allowed her to cleanse those souls. This will be easy then.

“Princess, are you nervous?” he asked.

“No.” Kye shook her head, looking excited. “What are those things anyway?”

“Those are bad things. Do you want to help me beat them up later?”

“Sure!” Kye could not wait to fight.

The Nine Star Formation was still shining and pulling back those souls before imprisoning them. The souls were shrieking desperately inside the formation, but Ethan ignored them.

In the blink of an eye, the formation became all dark.

Countless souls were flying recklessly inside but could not escape. No matter how hard they tried, they did not seem to influence Ethan or Kye.

Outside the border, Peter Pan and Celaine had defeated all enemies.

They turned around and saw the terrifying scene inside the formation. Any ordinary person would have recoiled in fear upon seeing such a sight, but not Ethan and Kye.

As long as Kye was with her father, she did not fear anything.

“I didn’t expect them to be so many.”

Peter Pan spat angrily, “D*mn you, Greedy Wolf! How could you do such a thing? How many people have you harmed?”

He had no idea where those souls came from. Celaine, however, had some clue.

She recalled Greedy Wolf mentioned he was searching for a place. Most probably, Greedy Wolf found these souls from that place. What a crazy man.

Celaine could not help but wonder what Greedy Wolf’s ultimate plan was.

Greedy Wolf had become a different person now. He was the new Demon King, and his temper was different than before. Nevertheless, Celaine was sure he still possessed the same desire all this while.

However, no one knew what exactly that desire was.

“It’s about to begin,” Peter Pan uttered.

Upon hearing that, Celaine took a deep breath while clearing her thoughts.

Let’s get ready. I will try my best if Ethan needs me!

Almost all the souls had been caught and trapped within the Nine Star Formation. Ethan was about to handle them once and for all.

“Let’s start! Princess!”


Kye nodded firmly.

She did not need to do anything but sit there quietly.

Ethan moved his finger, and two formation lines reached Kye’s body, connecting her with the Nine Star Formation.

At that instance, the light of the Nine Star Formation turned from white to green.

Kye shone like a sun. The light engulfed all the souls, and the sky turned bright.

The souls desperately tried to evade the green light, but there was nowhere for them to escape.

The moment they were in contact with the green light, their craziness and hostility were replaced with peace. They became quiet and motionless one after another, without any sign of resentment left in them.

That’s amazing.

The formation that Ethan built seemed to work perfectly.

Peter Pan and Celaine were stunned by the scene. They never thought that formation lines could be used like this.

The most surprising of all was the fact that Kye’s body could cleanse those souls.


All of a sudden, the Nine Star Formation started quivering forcefully.


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