Billionaire God of War Chapter 2486

Chapter 2486

Instantly, all the souls got sucked underground and buried by the sand.

They had returned to the place where they came from.

Peter Pan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the crisis was finally solved. I didn’t expect Kye to have such an ability. She’s indeed my disciple.

“Master, was I good?” Kye smiled.

Even though she had no idea what she did, and she felt nothing, she was satisfied that she was able to help Ethan.

“That’s impressive!”

Peter Pan gave her a thumbs up. “Of course, that is to be expected. You are my disciple, after all.”

He scooped Kye into his arms and kept praising her.

“Those souls became calmer after getting cleansed.”

Celaine felt those souls had returned to where they belonged, and they wouldn’t be able to create any problem for the time being.

Now, our biggest worry is Greedy Wolf.

Greedy Wolf, who had become the new Demon King, remained the most significant threat for them.

Ethan took a deep breath and used the formation lines to seal those souls. He wanted to make sure they would not come out to harm the world again.

Of course, the one who released them in the first place is the root of the problem. Greedy Wolf must die!

Ethan glanced at Celaine. “Do you have any idea where Greedy Wolf is?”

The longer they waited, the more difficult it would be to defeat Greedy Wolf. He was starting to have the characteristic of the Demon King.

To put it precisely, Greedy Wolf was currently more like a combination of the two. Not only did he possess the terrifying ability of the Demon King, but he also possessed his original wickedness.

Celaine furrowed her brows slightly. “I have a place in mind. He might be there.”

She was unsure, but that was the only place she could think of.

“But how are we going to fight him now?” She could not help but wonder.

It was apparent that killing Greedy Wolf was no longer an easy task.

Not to mention, Greedy Wolf would probably be on high alert and would not easily fall into their trap again.

She doubted if they would have any winning chance if they went to find Greedy Wolf to initiate a fight.

“Even if he is stronger than us, we can’t just sit around and do nothing. He is a ticking time bomb. We have to kill him at all costs.” Ethan showed no sign of hesitation.

At this point, this is our only option.

Look at how much damage Greedy Wolf has caused to the world this time? If we don’t kill him now, it will definitely be the end of the world!

Peter Pan was beyond enraged. “Absolutely. He’s become even worse than before! I’ll kill him with my own hands!”

He knew Greedy Wolf had changed.

Even though Greedy Wolf used to be wicked, Peter Pan knew the former was merely being selfish and obsessed with power.

Yet, now he had gotten consumed entirely by that power.

Celaine nodded, no longer hesitating. “I know. I’m responsible for this too. I will do everything in my power to help you and end Greedy Wolf.”

She was aware of the outcome if they dragged this issue on.

“Let’s send Kye back first. Then we’ll discuss our next move.”

She glanced at Ethan. “If I’m not mistaken, Greedy Wolf has not yet fused completely with the Demon King’s soul. He will probably find a quiet place to rest. He brought all these souls out just to buy time for himself to fuse with the Demon King’s soul.”

Greedy Wolf might have predicted that Ethan could break the Nine Star Formation, but he probably wouldn’t have thought that it would be this fast.

Hence, they had to grab this opportunity to wipe Greedy Wolf out before his ability reached its optimum state.

This would be their last and only chance to end everything.


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