Billionaire God of War Chapter 2488

Chapter 2488

However, there was no going back to where one came from.

That was true for Greedy Wolf as it was for the rest of them. Ever since Broken Soldier’s death, nothing was to be the same again.

Greedy Wolf appeared quite peculiar, seated in a lotus position, encapsulated within his dark energy.

His face evoked a blackness that was a terrifying sight to behold. It was as though those dark energies had oozed out of his pores.


Even his breath, oddly and astonishingly, was saturated with the same black mist.

Especially those twin irises. In each of those eyes sat two white irises. That was a feature that no human should possess.

“In this world, it is only I who can profess to be the most extraordinary of all,” Greedy Wolf said steadily. “Even if Broken Soldier was still alive, not even he could claim to be my equal!”

To date, he remained indignant and also reluctant to admit to Broken Soldier’s superiority over himself.

Never mind that Broken Soldier perished at his hands, he knew well that he could never have been able to kill the former without employing any sort of guile. So what if Broken Soldier was alive right now? I’d be able to kill him all the same!

Just then, a sequence of tremors came upon the earth.

Greedy Wolf raised his head, and his ears perked up when he picked up on some footsteps. Its familiarity left him intrigued, almost anticipatory, as though that was something that he had been looking forward to all this time. Except, he did not foresee them showing up this soon.

“Just as well. I’d use you for practice then,” Greedy Wolf said. “You’ve arrived ahead of schedule, Ethan.”

When his voice trailed off, a wild gale began to assail. In accompaniment to Ethan’s steps, the winds of destruction did flail.

He moved at a blazing speed, and upon his sudden halt, another squall arose.

In this reunion with Greedy Wolf, Ethan could intimately sense that the former was now vastly different. Greedy Wolf had evolved again to become more powerful and mysterious than before.

“You’ve changed,” said Ethan blandly. “You’ve learned to hide. Have you grown to dread dying by my hands?”

“Hahahaha!” Greedy Wolf broke into a boisterous laugh as if tickled by something amusing.

He knew what Ethan meant and understood the psychological warfare the latter was waging against him. Nice try, but it’s utterly useless against the present me.

Sufficiently powerful and almost fearless, he need not let himself be troubled by anything that Ethan could say.

“Ethan, oh Ethan. It’s a pity, you know?”

Greedy Wolf stepped outside and kept his eyes locked on his opponent while he made his way forward. “You have tremendous potential, and perhaps with time and effort, you’ll have a chance of surpassing Broken Soldier. It’s unfortunate that you’ve run into me. I have you to thank for being able to attain my goals ahead of time, but at the same time, the honing of my skills demands the sacrifice of the whetstone that you are.”

He then regarded Ethan. “Consider this an honor, and remember it well.”

“If I had Broken Soldier’s strength, you’d already be dead meat,” said Ethan.

“Hahahaha, you should know that I was the one who killed him!” Greedy Wolf guffawed maniacally.

“You mean when you’re using vile trickery? Does that even count for anything? You knew that your skills would never match up to Broken Soldier’s. Do you really think that nobody would find out that that was why you clamored for and sought the soul of the Underworld’s Demon King? You have such an inferiority complex and are well aware that you’ll never measure up to Broken Soldier. So what if you’ve merged with the Demon King’s remnant soul? Had Broken Soldier been alive, he would still have easily defeated you!”

Ignoring Greedy Wolf’s awful expression, Ethan similarly took a step forward. “It’s predestined that you’re only fit to play second fiddle this lifetime, and shall always remain second best to Broken Soldier.”


His words yielded no further verbal response from his counterpart. A black mass of dark energy had exploded beneath Greedy Wolf’s feet with one tap of his foot and propelled him straight out for Ethan!


He was in no mood for wasteful chatter and wished only to use Ethan to test his own mettle with.

Pfft. Broken Soldier’s dead as dead can be, no matter how strong he was!

Henceforth, only me, Greedy Wolf, shall be considered the strongest of all!


Long prepared for this moment, Ethan similarly made his move. Without reservation, he went for the killing stroke right from the get-go.


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