Billionaire God of War Chapter 2489

Chapter 2489

Without a forceful application, the frightening might of the Extreme Fist Technique surged like the rising tide.


The two men only had to make contact to trigger an earth-splitting boom. Like two mighty beasts, they furiously locked horns with each other.

Ethan could intimately sense that Greedy Wolf’s power had grown significantly stronger than before, possibly to the extent of being comparable to that of a Demon King incarnate.


With a low growl, he attempted to activate that mass of white light within his dantian, but nevertheless to no effect.

Ethan was still unable to figure out how to utilize it, and his time was running out.

“You’re the one who’s going to die!”

Greedy Wolf similarly howled back in kind, as he could no longer put up with any more of Ethan’s provocations.

Intensity mounted in the battle between the two men as they went at each other like lunatics. Their aggression was palpable and irrepressible in every strike, and they left it all on the floor.

The limits of Greedy Wolf’s speed and explosiveness saw stark improvements from where they stood before. This was particularly evident in those twin irises’ of his which were as proficient as ever in their ability to read Ethan’s moves and neutralize them first-time, every time.

Having never been placed on the back foot like this before, Ethan felt as though he was wading through quicksand.

No matter what moves he made or how fast he executed them, Greedy Wolf was able to respond effectively, reacting to break up each and every one of his attacks in the final split second.

“I can see them. I can see them all! Your punching technique is futile against me as I’m able to read all your moves! Hahahaha! Ethan, I bet you wish you had a pair of eyes like mine. Hahaha!”

Like a maniac, Greedy Wolf’s punches and kicks meandered and evolved with consistent unpredictability, and with a sudden howl came a blast of dark energy that knocked Ethan right out of the park.

Greedy Wolf greatly enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing Ethan, who was more or less on par with him before, presently standing no chance whatsoever against him.

“Today, you’re only here to send yourself to your death.”

“Is that so?” Ethan kept a straight face. “Even if I were to die, I’d be dying by the Demon King’s hands, not yours. You are, and always will be the vanquished lying prone at Broken Soldier’s feet. So, what have you got to be smug about?”

He did not mince his words and had the mention of Broken Soldier unfailingly appended to every diatribe he directed at Greedy Wolf. From the increasingly dour expression on Greedy Wolf’s face, Ethan knew that Broken Soldier was the latter’s Achilles’ heel.

It was his own inability to defeat Broken Soldier that led him to conspire against and murder Broken Soldier in cold blood!

“Shut your mouth!” Greedy Wolf raged. “Broken Soldier could never have defeated me! Even if he was alive today, he, too, would have died by my hand!”

“Hahaha. What a joke. If you’re so confident, why didn’t you allow him to survive till now? By using trickery to kill him off, it’s evident that you simply do not measure up in terms of actual capability!”

Ethan’s uproarious laughter dripped with scorn. “Greedy Wolf, from the moment you chose to go down this path, you have condemned yourself to the fact that you’d never be able to surpass Broken Soldier, and shall remain runner-up to him, forever!”


Dark energy erupted from Greedy Wolf’s entire being, and a petrifying murderous intent flashed across his twin irises.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

He broke into a charge, roaring toward Ethan with his arms spread wide and imposingly to the nth degree. He wanted neither to hear Ethan’s voice nor see his face. All he wanted was to slaughter Ethan and pound his bones to ashes.

When Ethan saw the reckless onslaught of the rampaging Greedy Wolf, he raised his hands and clapped. “Now!”

When his voice trailed off, the outlay of several formation lines suddenly burst into beams of light that fired far into the stratosphere, instantly creating a three-cornered barrier of light that surrounded Greedy Wolf from all sides.

Peter Pan and Celaine had made their unannounced entry from either flank and occupied one elbow each. Together with Ethan, they formed up a triangle that had Greedy Wolf roundly trapped within.

“Seal him!” Ethan yelled.

When Greedy Wolf turned and saw his two old friends, he stopped in his tracks.

To his astonishment, he felt a jolt run through his fingertips when he reached out to touch the veil of light and found himself unable to escape from it.

“Is this a trap? Were you goading me so as to trap me inside here?” Greedy Wolf spat. “You’re a cunning lot, you are.”

“Do you want to kill me too, Celaine?” he roared.


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