Billionaire God of War Chapter 2490

Chapter 2490

Greedy Wolf’s question was met only by Celaine’s silence and her aloof eyes.

That’s right, I want to kill you, Greedy Wolf. I have to!

From the anchor points that they variously occupied, both Peter Pan and herself were no longer in two minds when they regarded Greedy Wolf.

“You’re still unrepentant, Greedy Wolf! How many more lives must you take, you despicable, selfish b*stard? Today, I shall end you!” Peter Pan’s face was so full of rage that it was as though fire could spew from his eyes.

Conversely, Celaine continued to hold her silence. She kept her focus on maintaining the Trivium Formation in place so that Greedy Wolf would have no means of escape.

“Do both of you want to kill me, huh?” The shift in Greedy Wolf’s expression was palpable. “You two, of all people!”

It’s understandable if Ethan wants to kill me since we’ve never been friends. We’re enemies and were only ever sworn enemies, at that. But Peter Pan and Celaine? What’s going on here?

Then, he began to chortle between gritted teeth. “Fine. Since you lot want me dead, I shall kill all of you first!”

With a loud boom, dark energy erupted off Greedy Wolf’s body and caused the Trivium Formation to quake uncontrollably.

“Hold!” Ethan dug his heels in, and the formation stabilized once more.

It was apparent to each and every one of them that Greedy Wolf was a different adversary now. Killing him was not going to prove easy, for apart from the formation, there was no other way.

That mass of white energy within Ethan’s dantian remained enigmatic and inaccessible to him, but he longer had the luxury of time to indulge in it.

Before us, lay the best opportunity to avail ourselves of Greedy Wolf! There is no better time for us to take him down before he reaches his peak!


The tempest of dark energy churned and battered against the Trivium Formation ceaselessly as Greedy Wolf was holding back no more. He had sought to build a paradise for himself and these old pals of his, so it made no difference to him even if it were to be used as their graves.

The trio of Ethan, Peter Pan, and Celaine stood rooted where they were while they channeled all their energies into sustaining the formation.

They had to use this major formation to trap Greedy Wolf, and then figure out a way to kill him!

While the two forces clashed, Greedy Wolf exhibited no sign of fear.

At present, he was in possession of both the Demon King’s formidable power and that pair of twin irises that he was using to scrutinize the triangular formation for weaknesses and loopholes.

Lines upon lines of runes ran within his field of vision until Greedy Wolf narrowed his eyes abruptly. He suddenly raised a fist and smashed it down upon one specific spot.


The Trivium Formation began to quiver violently.

That’s a critical weak point!

Ethan’s face went pale.

“Hang in there!” Peter Pan howled.

He could feel an enormous pressure pile upon his body repeatedly like crashing waves. That horrifying impact made him feel like even his innards themselves were being shaken up!

Celaine experienced the same. With her wounds yet to fully recover, such extreme trauma was excruciating for her to bear.

Yet, she continued to grit her teeth and endure it in silence.

“Greedy Wolf’s eyes can spot flaws within this formation, so you have to find a way to kill him, Ethan! The two of us will stall him, so go on and set up the offensive formation… Ah!”

Before she could finish, Greedy Wolf let out a loud roar. The dark energy had been converted into keen projectiles that shot into the veil right in front of Celaine, eliciting a deafening ring.

The barrier has been broken!

Some of the dark energy slammed straight into Celaine and sent her flying.


Peter Pan was shocked. “You’re bloody inhumane, Greedy Wolf!”

He was about to go to her when Celaine waved him off. “Don’t! Stabilize the formation!” she cried.

Those eyes of hers looked toward Greedy Wolf with a lick of tears as this was the second time he had tried to kill her.

He truly is heartless.

Greedy Wolf’s gaze was detached and devoid of emotions.

“All of you shall die here today!”

With a wave of his hand, he shattered the Trivium Formation and charged straight at Celaine. Peter Pan could not continue to stay pat and immediately rushed across to wedge himself in front of her.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The duo went at each other savagely. Peter Pan went all out, for how would he dare to hold back?


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