Billionaire God of War Chapter 2491

Chapter 2491

Greedy Wolf at present was simply too powerful!


Unable to dodge in time, Peter Pan was swept aside by Greedy Wolf’s backhand. He tumbled across the ground several times before he came to a stop, prone and motionless.

His mouth was agape as he spewed blood, and the color drained from his face in an instant.

“Peter Pan!

With reckless abandon, Ethan threw himself into the fray, for if he continued to sit back, Peter Pan and the others would not likely make it through the day!

It would seem like killing Greedy Wolf today is a tall order. How exactly am I to utilize that white light within my dantian?


Such was the savagery of the contest between the duo that darkness reigned, and the radiance of the sun and moon got snuffed out from the sky.

The harrowing acoustics of battle reverberated to the point that it made one’s skin crawl.

By now, both Peter Pan and Celaine were back up on their feet.

They knew that should this kept up, all three of them would surely perish here.

As formidable as Ethan might be, a significant gap still separated Greedy Wolf and himself. In order to defeat Greedy Wolf, both of them had to step it up.

Thus, they exchanged knowing looks with each other.

“This place looks very much like the little abode we used to have. I guess Greedy Wolf really wanted for us to continue being together here.”

Peter Pan let out a self-deprecating smirk. “Except that the little wooden hut’s gone. Perhaps, three graves will stand in its place instead.”

“It’s a lovely thought, isn’t it?” Celaine replied, smilingly.

“We’ll all still be together, save for Broken Soldier… Let’s have Ethan bring his remains here as well.”

The two of them nodded in agreement as they regarded each other and in their eyes spontaneously reflected the steeliness of their resolve at this reckoning!

At the same time.


Ethan and Greedy Wolf were going toe to toe, their movements a blur.

However, what became obvious soon was the fact that Ethan was at a disadvantage.


Although Ethan managed to block Greedy Wolf’s rapid fist, the former still got hit squarely in the chest by a mass of dark energy. Sent hurtling back, he grated across the ground for a dozen or so meters before he slid to a standstill.


He opened his mouth and spat out fresh blood. His face turned increasingly pallid and even his fists started to tremble.

“You’re no match for me,” Greedy Wolf said. “If the three of you combined cannot stand against me even when I’ve yet to peak, just imagine how’d it be like when I have. Is there any doubt now that I’m the most powerful person on this planet?”

Ethan struggled up unsteadily while he kept his eyes fixated upon Greedy Wolf.

“What use is there being so powerful?” he mocked. “You’re all alone without anyone to call your friend and is just the object of everyone’s loathing. Do you think anyone seriously respects you? They only hate and despise you!”

Greedy Wolf laughed dismissively. “I’ll kill whoever who hates me, and keep on killing all those who do until there’s none daring enough to do so! What are you going to do about that, huh?”

He was completely beyond reason.

That was when Ethan knew that Greedy Wolf did not care for anything anymore and that he must be killed in order to avert a greater catastrophe!

Just when he was about to engage once more, two shadows suddenly shot past him and right for Greedy Wolf.

It’s Peter Pan and Celaine! How did they become so fast?

He was even more shocked to see blood blazing upon their bodies!

What manner of sorcery is this?

“What do you think you’re doing?” Greedy Wolf raged.

“Let’s go down together.” Peter Pan sounded almost tranquil when he spoke. “Isn’t it for this moment that I’ve survived till this very day?”

Then, he turned to regard Ethan. “Take care of my precious disciple Princess!”

“I have one request to ask of you, Ethan.” Celaine, too, had something to say. “Find Broken Soldier’s grave and bury me together with him.”

Greedy Wolf was practically going bonkers.

To think Celaine wants to be buried together with Broken Soldier?

He was not given time to react before the Trivium Formation was formed up once more!

Except that this time, it was more sturdy and stable than it had been before!

“Kill him, Ethan!” Peter Pan howled.

The bodies of the duo were oozing crimson all over, and the burning blood only added to the fervor that enabled the Trivium Formation to fully immobilize Greedy Wolf.

As hard as the wrathful Greedy Wolf kept ramming at the walls, he was unable to rattle this iteration of the formation in the least!


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