Billionaire God of War Chapter 2492

Chapter 2492

Now’s our chance!

Taking in a deep drawl of breath, Ethan roared like a madman with all his might. His eyelids strained at the seams as he tried to activate that white mass of energy embedded within his dantian.

“Come on!”

Suddenly, white light started to quiver violently and envelope itself around Ethan’s fists, and he could feel the vigor throughout his entire being emptied out in an instant!

Nonetheless, there was no reason for Ethan to fuss over that. With a loud bellow, he immediately wove his fists and charged right for Greedy Wolf. “Die!”

Naturally, there was no way Greedy Wolf would possibly stay there like a sitting duck.

Likewise, he brought out his most devastating prowesses to the fore. The Trivium Formation shook vigorously, causing blood to spurt from Peter Pan’s and Celaine’s nasal and oral orifices in copious amounts. Their bodies had even started to waver.

“Ethan!” Peter Pan cried. “Hurry! Hurry it up!”

He was already close to the brink.


The Trivium Formation had collapsed once more.

Blasted away and consumed by dark energy, Peter Pan’s and Celaine’s lives hung by a thread.

Those eyes of Greedy Wolf were filled with madness. “You shall all die!”

When he saw Ethan’s incoming blow, he remained dauntless and even answered in kind. His petrifying dark energy then crashed head-on with Ethan’s glowing white knuckles!


How the heavens and earth quaked!

Greedy Wolf’s face fell when he saw the white light devouring the dark energy.

There was no time to obsess over such trivialities. Ethan knew that Peter Pan and Celaine were on their last legs. With this punch, he had to finish off Greedy Wolf!

I must kill him!

At this moment, his mind blanked out. Only that one fist of his kept advancing in perpetual motion. It even eluded him that there were runes running all around his knuckles!

Boom! Boom!

As the white light continued to tear into the dark energy, Greedy Wolf found himself unable to pull away.

What’s this? What the hell is going on!


Like a massive whirlpool, it snagged and reeled him in. The white light continued to dissolve the dark energy until it came into direct contact with Greedy Wolf’s arm.


Like glass, Greedy Wolf’s arm shattered, just like that.

The white light on Ethan’s fists proved to be even more terrifying than the dark energy as it went on to melt away half of Greedy Wolf’s body outright!

Seconds later, Greedy Wolf crumbled onto the floor, writhing in agony. As much as he tried to struggle to his feet, he could not even manage to set himself upright.

His wound was healing itself but unfortunately, not nearly quickly enough.

What was that? What was that white light on Ethan’s fists?

“It’s over for you.” Deeply fatigued, Ethan clambered unsteadily to his feet as though his entire body had been completely drained.

Then, he shuffled toward Greedy Wolf, all the while muttering to himself. “You’re done…”

“Ethan!” Greedy Wolf howled. “You can’t kill me! You can’t!”

Ethan paid him no heed and trudged forth, one step at a time. He ignored the fact that Greedy Wolf’s wound was healing, and raised his own fist before he brought it smashing down upon the latter’s face!


Blood splatted everywhere!

That punch was a pure manifestation of brute force as that was all the strength Ethan was able to muster up.

It broke Greedy Wolf’s nose!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He brought down one punch after the other, without care for where it landed. Though his vision had even blurred somewhat, it did not matter to him whether he could see clearly. The blows kept coming.

Greedy Wolf could do nothing else apart from screaming as Ethan rained more and more punches upon his noggin.

One punch, two punch…

Ethan eventually lost count and Greedy Wolf lost his voice. The latter’s face was covered in gore and was long beyond recognition.

Greedy Wolf went silent and even stopped breathing. His head had already become completely misshapen, but Ethan’s fists kept going.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

His own fists had also been reduced to such a bloody mess that even his phalanges were showing. Yet, he did not stop.

After a while, Ethan tripped and fell over, unconscious.

He only came to after an indeterminate amount of time to discover Greedy Wolf’s corpse laid out beside him.

Dead! Greedy Wolf is dead!

The menace that was Greedy Wolf had been pounded to death by Ethan’s bare knuckles until the former’s soul had been ground to dust!

“It’s over.”

Ethan forced his eyes open. Wrought by exhaustion, he felt as though his joints had been picked apart.

Peter Pan and Celaine were dead, though he knew that they had come by earlier.

He had no idea how to explain to Kye that her master was dead, but he was sure that she would be greatly saddened by his passing.

Regardless, sooner or later, she had to know about it.

Using his bare hands, Ethan dug several holes in which he buried Peter Pan’s and Celaine’s bodies. Then, he went on to mark those holes with headstones. There was little more he could do on this wild and isolated island.

“It’s over, however it had been accomplished…” Ethan said. “My thanks to the two of you.”

Without Peter Pan’s and Celaine’s sacrifice, it would have been impossible to slay Greedy Wolf.

Even so, he, too, had been grievously wounded.

The order had been restored, and no matter how it came about, it was finally over.

When Ethan turned his head, it was as though he could see Diane and the rest of the Palmer family waiting for him outside of the doors to their home in Greencliff. His eyes were a little unfocused but when he about-turned, a subtle smile broke across his lips.

Placing one foot after the other, he walked on in the direction of Greencliff…



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