The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1529

Chapter 1529

“Speak up! Answer my question!”

Seeing Sean’s silence, Victor raised his voice and shouted angrily.

Sean exhaled lightly before looking at Victor solemnly and answering sternly, “I don’t have any conditions because I have no interest in your daughter!”

Rosie paled instantly, her beautiful eyes filled up with tears.

Her crush on Sean was not that intense, but for a man to reject her without hesitation in front of so many people was a shock to her.

Not only her, but any woman in that situation also could not bear it.

Rosie said nothing more. She rubbed her red eyes with the back of her hand before turning around and walking away.

“Rosie, wait!”

Victor shouted, but Rosie did not stop and quickly walked out of the banquet hall.

Once Rosie left, the anger in Victor’s eyes as he looked into Sean’s had gone up several notches. Besides that, not only Victor, but Jacob and the other affluent families were also glaring at Sean like they were going to eat him alive!

“Sean, you’re in big trouble!”

Jacob shouted, pointing at Sean.

Other members of the affluent family also yelled at Sean.

“Punk, you’re dead meat! How dare you humiliate Ms. Barlowe in public? Do you think you can stay in Joules Town?”

“Sean, you’ve offended everyone this time! Mr. Barlowe, Mr. Lupin, and all of us are your enemies!”

“Wash up and bear the wrath of all the affluent families in Joules Town.”

For a moment, the banquet hall was full of commotion. Everyone was glaring at Sean.

If Victor had given the order, the heirs and heiresses of the affluent families would have come and attacked Sean!

“Brother Sean, I’m so scared…”

Caitlyn held Sean’s arm tightly, trembling with fear.

Sean’s expression remained the same because everyone present could not hurt him even if they joined hands.

He was not a nine-star commander and Guardian God of war for nothing!

If these people dared to do anything, he would not go easy on them!

Victor suddenly nodded slowly and said through clenched teeth, “Okay, okay, okay… Sean, it looks like you’re making yourself an enemy of all the affluent families in Joules Town. Wait for

  1. You, Lennon Group, and the orphanage will never survive in Joules Town!”

As soon as Victor finished speaking, an indifferent yet somewhat playful voice suddenly came from the party entrance.

“All the affluent families? Including the Lathan family?”

Everyone shuddered at the voice.

Victor’s expression changed slightly. Even Jacob’s expression was complicated and grave.

Everyone turned to look at the party entrance. Then a young woman in a red gown strode over calmly.

She dressed lavishly, her makeup exquisite.

Her face wearing slight makeup was smooth.

Every step she took showed that she was a lady from a respectable family.

“Hsss! The heiress of the Lathan family?”

Somebody gasped sharply.

There were many affluent families in Joules Town, but the Lathan family was recognized as top -tier in Joules Town!

The Lathan family was also invited tonight, but no one expected the Lathan family to come because such a banquet was not good enough for them.

They did not expect the Lathan family to come. Besides that, the one who came was the heiress!


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