The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1530

Chapter 1530

Besides that, the heiress of the Lathan family also contradicted Victor.

What the hell was going on?

Did the Lathan family choose to take Sean’s side?

Caitlyn was too scared to look up, but Sean was smiling as he looked at the young person getting closer.

Sean recognized the woman.

She was Chloe Lathan!

Sean was surprised to recognize Chloe.

Sean had formed a company in River City called Reach For Will Group.

Chloe was working in Reach For Will Group and was only an ordinary employee.

Later, Sean saw Chloe getting picked up by several luxury cars. He suspected that Chloe’s identity was not simple.

He did not expect Chloe to appear at the party in such a way and as a member of the Lathan family!

The heiress of the Lathan family of Joules Town was no ordinary identity.

Sean could not help feeling shocked and joyful!

Victor and the others were secretly surprised as they walked over to meet Chloe.

“Ms. Lathan, what are you doing here? You didn’t tell us that you were coming. What if we never greeted you?” Victor’s face was full of smiles.

Jacob also said in a slightly ingratiating tone, “Ms. Lathan, your arrival is an honor to Myron Hotel!”

All the other guests fawned, and no one did not compliment him.

“It’s an absolute honor to meet you, Ms. Lathan!”

“Ms. Lathan, I’m Finley Lopez from the Lopez family. We met once. I…”

“Out of the way. Out of the way. I gave Ms. Lathan a bracelet before. Speaking of relationships, I know Ms. Lathan better than you!”

With so many people competing to compliment her, the place was chaotic.

However, Chloe ignored these people. She did not even give a second look to Victor, the supreme leader of the Joules Town government, or Jacob, the big shot from the Collins family!

She did not stop for the fawning of the crowd around her. With everyone watching, she came up to Sean before finally stopping.

“Long time no see, Mr. Lennon.”

Chloe beamed, her eyes full of joy.

Sean also said with surprise, “We haven’t met for a long time. I didn’t realize you were from the Lathan family of Joules Town… You’re not the legendary heiress of the Lathan family, are you?”

The Lathan family was influential in Joules Town.

The heiress of the Lathan family was also mysterious in Joules Town. It was said that Old Master Lathan announced in front of many people that he would hand the Lathan family over to her.

After all, affluent families attached great importance to inheritance, which was usually passed down to males instead of females.

It was shocking that Old Master Lathan was passing down the family to his granddaughter! It was why the heiress of the Lathan family was famous in Joules Town!

However, only a few people knew Chloe’s real name, so Sean had only heard rumors of the heiress of the Lathan family but never knew the heiress’s name.

He finally realized now that the heiress of the Lathan family was a female employee who worked in his company before.

It was such a coincidence that it seemed like fate played a trick on him.

“Legendary… Don’t use that word to describe me. Please.”

Chloe burst into laughter. Then she looked gratefully at Sean and bowed to him in front of everyone!

“Mr. Lennon, thank you for taking care of me earlier. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it back to Joules Town safely. I will never forget your help!”

Gasps instantly filled the banquet hall.


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