Billionaire God of War Chapter 3400

Chapter 3400

Chapter 3400 The Holy Guild

Nonetheless, they were the mastermind behind it all.

Sonja and the others were pinning all their hopes on Levi.

They prayed that Levi would detect the problem soon and realize that Gloria was the mastermind behind the scenes. They hoped that Levi would be able to track Gloria down and kill her off before she grew out of control.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to manage Gloria afterward.

Hence, all hope was on Levi!

“After going back, give me some time to look into and do my research, so that I can develop devourer spiritual bone. Do look for anything else that I require then!” said Bone Grandmaster after thinking for a moment.

Soon, Gloria moved her own base to Corpse Pit, the place that topped the list of the deadliest places—Deadly Seven.

“Hahaha!” Gloria chuckled.

After getting to Corpse Pit, Gloria was overjoyed as she found that the place was truly suitable for her to practice her cultivation.

That way, she would be killing two birds with one stone.

Meanwhile, on the other end of things, Levi was keeping himself busy too.

He made a trip to North Pavilion.

Then, he told them to immediately start looking for people and told them the fact that someone was backing the Ecclesiastic Order.

The revelation frightened them.

After all, Sonja and the others had practically disappeared from the face of the Earth.

It was not a good sign.

“I knew it would be impossible for you to do so! Even if you’ve killed Top Ten members, you would also throw away the four cornerstone divine tools! I believe that you would be true to your words. If you say that you’ve killed them, it is as good as done.”

The others were amazed that such a force was found in the Ecclesiastic Order.

“Could you guys think of whom it could be? Is there someone or a force in the Ecclesiastic Order who could have accomplished something like this?” Levi asked.

The Three Sages contemplated for a moment and shook their heads. “We could not think of anyone or any parties with such a background!”

Levi was stumped. “That’s puzzling, then. I have a nagging feeling that someone is controlling the whole situation behind the scenes. However, that someone or party has not left a single clue behind.”

“Mr. Garrison, you need to exercise more caution from now on! Elders from different factions are going to start taking action. Some of them are already working on the unification of the different factions of the Ecclesiastic Order, while some have gone to look for the Holy Guild!” Doran, the master of North Pavilion said.

“The Holy Guild? What the hell is that?” Levi asked with furrowed brows.

The Holy Guild was the mastermind and controller behind the Ecclesiastic Order. Hence, they must look for the Holy Guild if they wish to unify the Ecclesiastic Order! They have the strongest fighters of the Ecclesiastic Order in the Holy Guild. The Cetus had no fear of anyone in the Ecclesiastic Order except those in the Holy Guild. Then again, the Holy Guild has been out of the public’s eyes for quite some time. We reckon that they’ve only gotten stronger by now,” the Three Sages explained.

Levi was seemingly unfazed and said, “Oh, that does not matter. I have not crossed paths with them. However, if they come looking for trouble, I will kill them one by one.”

People from the North Pavilion were flabbergasted.

Only Levi could have made such a bold statement and yet still sound sensible.

“Sure, let’s investigate down this line of information. At the same time, we must keep close tabs on the development of the Ecclesiastic Order!”

Levi looked at the others and added, “You guys have to be careful too. Don’t get wiped out.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t. In fact, we are quite close with those from the Holy Guild. Something like this will never happen!” the Three Sages smiled and said.

Soon, elders from the four Pavilions managed to locate the Holy Guild that had been in hiding in deep mountains.

There was a myriad of buildings in the deep mountains, including pavilions and towers.

The whole area was surrounded by dense mist.

It was as if they were in the heavens.

Elders from the East Pavilion and West Pavilion shouted, “A disaster is befalling the Ecclesiastic Order! Holy Guild, please step up and do something!”

“Please step up and unify all factions within the Ecclesiastic Order so that we may stand united against this catastrophe!”

“Holy Guild, please help us all!”

Their pleas thundered in the mountains.

However, there was no response.

The Elders started to panic.

Just when they were about to advance further, a booming voice rang, “What brings all of you here today?”

All of them turned to trace the direction of the sound, and a man in a robe appeared in front of the elders out of nowhere.


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