Billionaire God of War Chapter 3401

Chapter 3401

Chapter 3401 The Three Ministers

When they saw the middle-aged men, the elders’ expressions drastically changed.

They greeted respectfully, “Master Solocus.”

The person who had arrived was one of the three most powerful men within the Ecclesiastic Order, Deputy Minister Solocus.

The Ecclesiastic Order’s authority sat in the hands of three men, a Minister and his two Deputy Ministers.

One Deputy Minister was in-charged of the Holy Guild.

As for the other, he oversaw the Medical Guild, Military Guild, and the rest of the guilds.

Nevertheless, the Minister’s authority encompassed the entire order.

“My dear old friends, it has been a long time since we saw each other.” Solocus smiled.

“Master Solocus! May I be so bold as to ask where the Minister is?”

Evidently, they were there to see the leader of the Ecclesiastic Order, the Minister.

“The Minister has disappeared for a long time, and I have no idea where he is. Perhaps, he might have reached the most powerful state?” Solocus remarked.

The elders were awestruck. The Minister was the leader of the Ecclesiastic Order and symbolized the ceiling of their power as the strongest warrior of them all.

Given how mysterious he had always been, it wasn’t a surprise that no one knew where he was.

“As for Master Eusof, he is busy making pills, and won’t be joining us,” Solocus added.

Eusof led the Medical Guild and had no equal when it came to medicine.

Nevertheless, the elders felt that Solocus alone was enough for their purposes, for he controlled the Holy Guild.

As long as the Holy Guild emerged from seclusion, the rest of the Ecclesiastic Order would follow.

“It’s been a long time indeed, Master Solocus. You seemed to have grown more powerful since we last met!” the elder of the East Pavilion replied.

“You’re not too bad yourself and look stronger now. Anyway, why are you looking so glum?” Solocus asked.

“Master Solocus, I don’t think you have heard, but the Ecclesiastic Order is in big trouble! Our disciples, the Top Ten, have all been killed, while our four cornerstone divine tools have also been seized…”

The elders related the entire situation even though they knew the Holy Guild was already aware of it.

Despite their seclusion, they were well-connected with what was going on in the outside world. In fact, they were even more informed than the elders.

“Oh? Is that so? Damn it, how can a monkey from the outside world cause so much trouble?” Solocus was outraged.

The elders answered with a sigh, “But… But this monkey is extremely powerful! In fact, we were no match for him. Also, we don’t understand anything about him or where his power comes from.

Therefore, we need the Holy Guild to deploy and unite the Ecclesiastic Order in order to fight him. Or else, we will be trampled underneath his foot!”

Solocus asked, “Are you sure you want that?”

“Of course, a desperate situation calls for desperate measures. The Ecclesiastic Order is facing the biggest crisis in its history!”

“That’s right, we have to unite the order! The other elders have reached out to the remaining factions to discuss this,” the group replied.

Solocus sneered, “The Holy Guild can be deployed, and I can unite the Ecclesiastic Order. However, you must know that once the order is recombined, we can never separate it ever again. You only have one chance!”

“Erm…” The elders were stunned.

Given how blinded by revenge they were, they didn’t give the matter due consideration.

At that moment, the Ecclesiastic Order had been split into hundreds of factions of different sizes, where everyone expanded in an unrestrained manner.

Declaring dominion over whatever they conquered, they were masters of their own fates, led comfortable lives, and enjoyed tremendous freedom.

In the event of a reunification, they would be absorbed into the original Nine Guilds.

Moreover, they had to obey the Holy Guild and be restricted by its authority, which wasn’t something they wanted.

On top of that, once they were reunited, they won’t be allowed to break up again.

After all, that was the agreement with the Minister.

Whoever wanted to leave after reunification would be punished with death.

Consequently, the elders began exchanging glances.

Solocus laughed. “You had better think through the matter properly.”


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