Billionaire God of War Chapter 3402

Chapter 3402

Chapter 3402 The Holy Guild Is The Strongest

He wasn’t anxious at all, as if the situation was well under his control.

“Master Solocus, we have decided to go ahead with the reunification.”

“We have to go all out in order to eradicate Levi!”

“Once the reunification is complete, we will obey the Holy Guild and not think of seceding.”

Everyone came to a consensus that they had to kill Levi first.

After all, the Top Ten was considered their pride, while the cornerstone divine tools were their foundation.

Only with the presence of those two could the four Pavilions continue to expand.

But now, they had lost everything, including their future and foundation.

All the elders could see was a bleak future, hence the absence of direction.

As it was a feeling worse than losing their lives, they didn’t mind submitting under the leadership of the Holy Guild at all.

All that mattered to them was to kill Levi first.

“It’s clear that your hatred of that monkey has consumed you. It’s surprising how the monkey has achieved this easily when even the Cetus failed to unite the Ecclesiastic Order.”

“Tsk-tsk. Now, this makes me curious to see how strong that monkey actually is!” Solocus sneered.

The elders were filled with delight. “Master Solocus, does this mean that you agree?”

“How can I not? If I sit idly by, the Ecclesiastic Order would be destroyed by that monkey instead of the Cetus. Therefore, the Holy Guild will deploy and unite the Ecclesiastic Order! Once we have gathered our strength, we will proceed to annihilate him!” Solocus declared grimly.


As an intimidating aura soared into the sky, dark clouds gathered as suffocating pressure descended upon the elders.

Solocus’ terrifying power caused the elders’ expressions to change abruptly, for he had turned out to be a lot stronger than they imagined.

Furthermore, they were even more shocked to see a few young men emerge from afar.

Evidently, the Holy Guild had raised a few extremely powerful Paladins.

The elders of the four Pavilions had assumed they were the only ones within the Ecclesiastic Order to have Paladins in the form of the Top Ten.

They were clearly wrong, as the Holy Guild had trained a few of their own.

The weakest among them had the power equivalent of Flavius and Rylai.

The frightening revelation was the opposite of what their impression was.

They thought the Holy Guild had done nothing after hiding in seclusion all this while.

No one could have imagined that they were quietly expanding by raising Paladins and growing their strength to a level greater than everyone else.

Nevertheless, that wasn’t the time to be surprised, for the Holy Guild was coming out of seclusion to unite the Ecclesiastic Order.

“In that case, we will go back at once and make preparations so that the Ecclesiastic Order can be united in the shortest time.”

Anxious to have their revenge, the elders hurried off upon receiving Solocus’ word.

From then on, chaos ensued, as the long-secluded Ecclesiastic Order was going to be reunited by the Holy Guild.

It was a development no one had expected and couldn’t have been possible without Levi.

Solocus remarked to the Paladins of the Holy Guild, “When the Holy Guild emerges from seclusion, you should take the opportunity to get some practice. For now, you’re dismissed!”

“Yes, Master!”

After the Paladins were gone, a stunning-looking lady appeared beside Solocus. She remarked, “Now isn’t the best time for the Holy Guild to show itself yet!”

Looking out afar, Solocus replied, “My initial thought was to wait, but don’t you think that the opportunity has already come knocking? I feel as if someone is sowing discord between Levi and the Ecclesiastic Order. Nonetheless, it has presented us with the opportunity to unite the order.”

After a brief silence, the woman added, “It does seem to feel that way, for they were the ones who came to us first.”

She then asked, “However, what if Levi is too strong for us?”

“It’s impossible for anyone to be stronger than the Holy Guild!”


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