Billionaire God of War Chapter 3403

Chapter 3403

Chapter 3403 I Am The Absolute Authority

Solocus was brimming with confidence despite the knowledge of how tough Levi was.

In that case, the Holy Guild must be a lot more powerful than I thought.

“Shall we inform Master Eusof of the matter?” the lady asked.

Solocus shook his head. “There’s no need to. He is engrossed in making pills and won’t bother about such mundane matters. Moreover, I have absolute authority within the Ecclesiastic Order and don’t need to consult anyone else.”

With his hands behind his back, an arrogant look descended upon his face.

“By the way, how is my son’s condition?” he asked.

The lady smiled. “He’s doing well. Better than I expected, actually.”

“Mmm-hmm, there’s nothing for me to worry about then.”

As he looked out to the horizon, Solocus’ eyes glistened.

“Finally, I’m going to unite the Ecclesiastic Order!”

Meanwhile, the elders quickly spread the news of the Holy Guild being deployed to unite the Ecclesiastic Order, causing an uproar among the hundreds of factions within it.

In truth, the majority of the factions were not in favor of reunification.

After all, despite their smaller influence, they had all the freedom to expand as they wish. Also, they have grown used to living a life without restraints.

Given that the Ecclesiastic Order had broken up for a long time, many factions were opposed to reunification.

However, there were two issues at hand.

Firstly, Levi humiliated every single person in the Ecclesiastic Order. Therefore, it had become a matter of honor.

Secondly, as long as the larger factions supported the order’s reunification by the Holy Guild, the smaller factions had no actual say in the matter.

Consequently, they would just be swept along by the tide.

Within just one day, the elders of the four pavilions had organized half of the factions within the order.

At the same time, many other smaller factions came forward to discuss the matter of reunification.

After all, it was pointless for them to struggle against the will of the larger factions.

If they refused to move in lockstep, they would end up going against the rest.

The choices were between joining the reunification or being annihilated.

Especially with the Holy Guild emerging from seclusion, no one dared to disobey for fear of losing their lives.

Therefore, the reunification process was expected to be completed in one day.

All that was left was for the Holy Guild to take action.

At that moment in East Pavilion, many representatives had gathered to discuss the reunification and how to deal with Levi.

Naturally, Gloria didn’t miss such an important event.

She and her master, Linda Gaston, were also present at the meeting.

Looking at all the representatives that have gathered, she grinned smugly.

All this wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t move things along.

Soon, when the Ecclesiastic Order was officially at war with Levi, they would buy her a lot of time to strengthen herself, as no one would be paying any attention to her.

By the time they noticed, she would have gotten her hands on the devourer spiritual bone and absorbed massive amounts of energy.

With that, no one would be able to stand in her way.

Levi, I’m sure you wouldn’t have seen this coming. I have prepared a huge present for you. Soon, you will feel the true extent of the Ecclesiastic Order’s power!

In addition, Gloria began to have designs on the Holy Guild because that was the only place her influence didn’t extend to.

After all, ever since she was made aware of them, they had never appeared before.

In spite of that, she was confident of using them to grow so powerful that she was capable of trampling the order beneath her feet one day. The Holy Guild, too, would not be able to escape.

Once the Holy Guild and Levi fought each other, she would become the biggest beneficiary.

“Master, why don’t we see anyone from North Pavilion? Shouldn’t all of the Five Pavilions be here already? They form the core of the Ecclesiastic Order after all,” Gloria couldn’t help but ask as she scanned the surroundings.

Linda snorted, “The North Pavilion is close to Levi. Perhaps, they are looking to betray the order!”

“That would be an utter disgrace!” Gloria scolded.


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