Billionaire God of War Chapter 3408

Chapter 3408

Chapter 3408 The Paladins Of The Holy Guild

“All right now, are there any other questions? If not, there’s something we will be doing.”

Suddenly, Solocus’ eyes fell upon the Three Sages.

“Oh no!”

The moment Solocus looked in their direction, they were filled with a sense of dread.

Realizing what was going on, Doran and his companions began to panic.

Oh no! We’ve walked into a trap! We trusted the men from South Pavilion without deliberating on the dangers.

Their relationship with Levi alone was enough to cause them to be sidelined.

Furthermore, they didn’t realize it was a plot when the organizers bent backward just to invite them to the ceremony.

They had let their guard down due to the close relationship they shared with South Pavilion.

In fact, they had been reminded by Levi to be cautious when he came the last time.

In the end, the Three Sages didn’t mind, thinking that they could maintain control of the situation on the account they had recovered.

At the very least, retreating wasn’t a problem.

But now, it was too late for regrets.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At that moment, tens of thousands of hostile gazes fell upon the North Pavilion delegation of eleven, for they had now become enemies of the public.

As the air filled with murderous intent, the three elders of the South Pavilion broke into mysterious smiles, as if to tell those from North Pavilion that they had fallen into a trap.

None of them expected the unification ceremony to turn out to be an ambush.

“Before the Holy Guild took command, every faction did well on their own, except for the North Pavilion. They have disappointed me by turning out to be traitors from acting as Levi’s lapdogs!

“They have disgraced us all! The members of the Ecclesiastic Order are as noble as the gods. How can we allow ourselves to submit to a mere monkey? Ever since the order was established, we have never suffered such humiliation before! Everyone, what do you think we should do?” Solocus shouted.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” the crowd chanted fervently.

“Fine! We will wash away the shame with their blood!” Solocus ordered.

“The three of you have humiliated the order by working for that monkey! You disgust me!”

Showing their true colors, the three elders of the South Pavilion began admonishing the Three Sages.


Cognizant that a battle couldn’t be avoided, they decided to seize the initiative.


Now that the Three Sages had fully recovered their strength, they unleashed their power, causing the earth to tremor.

Subsequently, they slaughtered their way out so as to open a path for Doran and the others to flee.

“Remember, once you escape, go and find Levi. Only he can prevent the destruction of North Pavilion!” the Three Sages instructed.

Having been caught off guard, the Three Sages intended to kill their way out, unsettling all the other elders.

None of them had expected the Three Sages to have recovered their strength so quickly and show such frightening power.

Are they really going to be able to escape?

Nonetheless, Solocus burst out in laughter nearby.

Evidently, he was prepared for their attempts to break out of the encirclement.

Just when Doran managed to escape the crowd and wanted to flee, a mysterious group of youths appeared and forced Doran and his seven companions back.

They were none other than the Paladins of the Holy Guild.

Everyone gasped the moment they saw the group join the fray.

No one had expected the Holy Guild to have Paladins that were even more powerful than the Top Ten.

In fact, the weakest of them was as strong as Flavius and Rylai.

Meanwhile, Gloria’s eyes lit up when her eyes fell upon them.

I wonder what spiritual bones the Paladins of the Holy Guild use? It would be wonderful if I can obtain them and absorb all their powers.

At that moment, Gloria began to have designs on the Holy Guild.

After Doran was beaten back, he was quickly surrounded and faced attacks on all sides.

As for the Three Sages, they were being pinned down in battle by the other elders and unable to escape.

It felt as if death was inevitable.


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