Billionaire God of War Chapter 3407

Chapter 3407

Chapter 3407 The Location Of The Minister

As the Ecclesiastic Order’s Minister was absent, Solocus controlled the entire event since he led the Holy Guild, which was the most highly-regarded and respected among them all.

Every one of the five hundred and twenty-three factions of the Ecclesiastic Order had sent representatives.

Representing the North Pavilion was the Three Sages and eight of their highest-ranking members.

When everyone saw the presence of the North Pavilion, they heaved a sigh of relief, for their plan to eradicate the latter was on track.

Gloria in particular was filled with delight because the next stage of her plan was already in place.

At that moment, tens of thousands of representatives were gathered in front of the Grand Ecclesiastic Hall, the old headquarters of the order.

The front of the grand hall was filled with the Holy Guild’s elite warriors.

Standing in the center was Solocus.

Surveying the massive crowd, Solocus’ outfit fluttered in the air. He declared, “Today, the Ecclesiastic Order has been unified and will regain its former glory!”

The crowd was filled with emotion as they stared intently at the grand hall.

They could feel the long lost glory and pride begin to return.

Even though the Ecclesiastic Order had broken up for a long time, to the extent of them feeling comfortable with their freedom, their blood still boiled with excitement when so many of them were gathered together.

That was the pride of the Ecclesiastic Order.

Many of the elderly missed the days when the order had complete dominion over others and could easily crush their enemies.

“It’s been a long time since I felt so invigorated!”

Even the eyes of the elders sparkled while their faces were beaming with pride.

As the massive crowd began to cheer, their enthusiasm became infectious.

“Being broken up into hundreds of factions and the lack of unity is the reason why we have been bullied and subsequently defeated. In fact, we have even allowed a monkey to ride roughshod over us. When the Top Ten led tens of thousands of men to defend the order’s honor, they ended up being massacred!

“This is something we can’t tolerate. Therefore, we have to unite and reinstate the guilds of old. By becoming one entity again, we will be strong enough to defend ourselves from any outside enemy!”

Just as expected of a natural-born leader, Solocus managed to whip the crowd into a frenzy with just a few words.



With tens of thousands of people chanting, it was a sight to behold.

“I, Solocus, in the name of the Holy Guild, declare the reunification of the Ecclesiastic Order! We will soon assign everyone to the Nine Guilds within the shortest time. The leaders of the guilds will also be appointed as soon as possible.”

Finally, Solocus announced the Ecclesiastic Order’s unification, which was the biggest development within the order in many years.

All this while, everyone assumed the Ecclesiastic Order would be eventually reunited due to the Cetus or other deviant clans.

However, it never crossed anyone’s mind that it would be due to someone from the outside world.

“Once everything has been settled, our first order of business post-unification is to kill that monkey!”

Solocus didn’t forget to provide the crowd with a target.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The most pressing thing on everyone’s mind after the fact was to kill Levi.

“All right now, do you have any questions?”

“Master Solocus, do you know why the Minister isn’t here?”

“Also, why isn’t Master Eusof in attendance too?” someone in the audience asked.

After all, the Minister was the true leader of the order.

Thus, his absence, together with that of another Deputy Minister, felt strange to everyone.

“Oh, Master Eusof is formulating some magical medicine, so he won’t be able to leave his station for the time being.

“As for the Minister, he left the Holy Guild and went traveling a few years ago. That’s probably his own form of solitary training. As of now, there’s no word from him. Who knows, he might be among you at this moment or have gone to the outside world to be among those monkeys! But don’t you worry, given how well connected he is, he certainly knows what we’re doing.”

Soon, Solocus answered all the questions.


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