Billionaire God of War Chapter 3590

Chapter 3590

Chapter 3590 Too Late For Regrets

But how would Xylas know that if it wasn’t Floyd who told him? This doesn’t make sense!

Boom! A deafening noise echoed throughout the area as the defensive formation in the underground base suddenly collapsed.

Due to the secretive nature of the underground base, those on the outside had no way of pinpointing its exact location.

As such, Levi didn’t bother to set up a particularly strong defensive formation.

“You guys are nothing but a bunch of weaklings! You can’t hide from me!” Xylas shouted as he led the charge with dozens of Fatalis Warriors following closely behind.

“I’ll handle Xylas. Be careful when you’re fighting the others!” Forlevia said bravely before joining the battle.

Being the strongest member of the group, it was only natural for her to take Xylas on.

To send anyone else after him would be no different from sending them to their death.

Therefore, having Forlevia fight Xylas was the only way to minimize unnecessary casualties.

Xylas laughed maniacally when he saw her. “You think you can stop me, little girl?”

“Cut the crap! Let’s do this!”

Forlevia’s expression was exceptionally solemn as she could clearly sense how powerful Xylas was.

The aura he was exuding felt significantly greater than when they last met.

“All right, then. I’ll fulfill this death wish of yours!” Xylas shouted as he channeled his technique and launched an attack at her.

Forlevia, too, channeled her technique and absorbed the spiritual energy from the environment.

Neither of them used any fancy tricks as they fought each other with all their might.

To everyone’s surprise, Xylas was able to dominate the fight and keep the pressure on Forlevia the entire time.

There had been a few times when she barely avoided fatal blows and seemed to be at her limits.

Zoey, Azure Dragon, and the others wanted to lend her a hand, but the Fatalis Warriors were too powerful for them to ignore.

Despite being greatly outnumbered, the Fatalis Warriors still had the upper hand in the fight.

It wasn’t long before Zoey, Azure Dragon, and the others sustained injuries of varying degrees.

They could barely defend themselves, let alone back Forlevia up.

“Take this!” Xylas roared as he punched at Forlevia, shattering her defensive field instantly.

As Forlevia couldn’t dodge it in time, she was sent flying backward from the impact.


Xylas’ punch had injured her so severely that she coughed up a mouthful of blood on the spot.

Everyone in the underground base felt their hearts sink when they saw that.

If our most powerful combatant has fallen, then what chance do we have at surviving this onslaught? How should we even fight this battle?

Instead of pressing the attack, however, Xylas simply checked the time and called out to his men, “That’s enough! We’re leaving!”

The Fatalis Warriors then withdrew from battle without any hesitation and followed Xylas out of there.

The underground base was in a complete mess, and they had sustained heavy casualties.

Being the core member of the base, Forlevia’s suffered the most severe injuries of them all.

Levi had a bad feeling in his gut when he headed out that day.

He tried contacting his friends and family through his communication devices, but he received no response from them at all.

Realizing that something could’ve happened to his base, he rushed back as quickly as possible.

What greeted him was a huge mess with the wounded and dead lying everywhere.

“How did this happen?” Levi was slightly stunned by the scene.

Had they pressed on with the attack, everyone here would’ve died!

The thought of that hurt him so much that he could barely breathe.

He thought the underground base was his ultimate trump card, but his enemy had long since found out about it.

“D*mn it! I thought this underground base would help keep my friends and family safe! I’ve never been so wrong…”

Levi’s eyes were filled with anger and regret as he slammed his fist against the wall.

That was when he suddenly realized something incredibly important.

Wait a minute… I think I might’ve fallen into the enemy’s trap a long time ago…


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