Billionaire God of War Chapter 3593

Chapter 3593

Chapter 3593 Gloria Came Back Again

Levi was well aware that the mysterious woman’s plans were very well thought out. On top of that, the enemy was attacking them from the shadows while they were sitting ducks in the light.

As if that was not bad enough, his comrades were possibly getting manipulated by the enemy without even realizing it. Because of that, Levi felt that he had always been a step behind the enemy.

It was very dangerous to dance to the enemy’s tune, especially with the location of their base and underground base completely exposed.

Levi couldn’t construct another base like this in a short period of time, so his best bet was to fight the mysterious woman head-on as soon as possible.

Otherwise, his family and friends could fall victim to yet another attack when he left.

Xylas had attacked the base shortly after Levi left, which meant the mysterious woman must be aware of his every move.

I can’t let this carry on, or we’ll all end up dead!

Levi clenched his fists tightly.

Judging by Xylas’ latest attack, it was obvious that his main objective was still to wound the core members of Levi’s team. Given the huge difference in their strength, even Forlevia could hardly survive the battle.

In other words, their survival depended on how sadistic that mysterious woman wished to be.

Levi could never allow the situation to go on like this.

While Levi racked his brain trying to come up with a plan, Gloria returned to West Pavilion.

“Well, well, well… If it isn’t Gloria the vixen! Why is she back all of a sudden?”

“Need you even ask? I bet that guy dumped her, so she’s homeless now!”

“She was the first to run when West Pavilion was in danger. I wouldn’t have the audacity to come back if I were her!”

“Exactly! She’s so weak that she can’t possibly be of any help in battle anyway!”

The elite disciples of the West Pavilion were gossiping about her.

They believed Gloria was completely useless in combat as seducing men was all she could do.

Things weren’t so bad when the master of West Pavilion, Linda, was still alive. As Gloria was Linda’s personal disciple, the others were wary when they were talking about her.

With Linda gone, the disciples went all-out with their insults, but Gloria wasn’t bothered in the slightest.

Since she could easily kill them all if she felt like it, she saw them as nothing but dead men walking.

In fact, she had long since wanted to rip them to pieces for insulting her throughout those years.

Enjoy what little time you have left in this world, you pieces of trash! I’ll kill all of you when I carry out my plans!

Gloria sneered at the thought of that.

Although the Ecclesiastic Order saw her as a mere nobody, Azure Dragon and the others had been keeping an eye out for her.

It wasn’t long before Phoenix received word about Gloria’s arrival in West Pavilion.

“Gloria returned to West Pavilion shortly after Xylas attacked the underground base. I believe this is no coincidence,” Phoenix commented.

Azure Dragon nodded in agreement as the timing of her return matched Xylas’ attack way too perfectly.

“If Gloria really is the mysterious woman, then it’s possible that she’s trying to find out more about the Ecclesiastic Order,” Kirin said.

Everyone agreed with his theory.

Given Gloria’s identity as a disciple of West Pavilion, she could easily hide her motives and go undercover.

The Ecclesiastic Order got excited when they found out about Thundera.

It made sense for the mysterious woman to confirm the facts before she could destroy the Ecclesiastic Order.

“Whatever her next course of action may be, it won’t be easy for her to leave the Ecclesiastic Order now that she has returned to it. Have someone keep an eye on her every move and report to Boss if she does anything suspicious!” Azure Dragon ordered.

If Gloria really is the mysterious woman, then neither of us would stand a chance against her. Not only would we end up alerting the enemy forces by attacking her, but we could also lose our lives in the process. In situations like this, it’s best to let Levi handle her instead.

As Floyd had lots of spies, he received word about Gloria’s return to West Pavilion as well.


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