Billionaire God of War Chapter 3592

Chapter 3592

Chapter 3592 Prepare For A Final Battle

“What do you have to say about this, Floyd?” Levi asked coldly.

Apart from his wife and daughter, Floyd was the only other person he didn’t want to doubt as he valued Floyd greatly.

Putting Floyd’s hopeless obsession over Gloria aside, he was actually a great man with both brains and brawn.

On top of that, Floyd was extremely loyal to Levi as well.

However, Levi was worried that Floyd would end up making grave mistakes because of how foolish the latter was in relationships.

“Master, I…” Floyd didn’t know what to say.

On the one hand, he didn’t want to lie to his mentor.

On the other, he wanted to defend Gloria as he believed she was forced into revealing that information by Xylas.

After a long internal struggle, Floyd decided to cover up for Gloria again.

If they somehow find out that Gloria really is the one behind this, I’ll just end myself as punishment!

“Master, I have not told anyone the location of our underground base!” he said with a solemn expression.

Noticing that Azure Dragon and the others were still eyeing him with suspicion, Floyd added, “I swear that I shall die a horrible death if I have leaked this information to anyone!”

Since Floyd had gone as far as swearing on his life, Levi decided to drop his suspicions toward him.

Azure Dragon and the others, too, had no choice but to follow suit as they saw how genuine Floyd’s expression was earlier.

“Maybe we’re wrong about him.”

Even Phoenix was starting to question her judgment.

“Calm down, Floyd. I’m only trying to get to the bottom of this,” Levi reassured him.

He really didn’t want to ruin his relationship with his favorite disciple over this incident.

Floyd let out a wry chuckle as he replied, “You did nothing wrong, Master. Desperate times do call for desperate measures, so it makes sense to be a little more cautious.”

Levi flashed him a relieved smile. “I’m glad to hear that.”

Floyd’s mind was still filled with thoughts about Gloria as he slowly returned to his seat.

Man, I’m glad that Gloria knew nothing about the layout and structure of the base when God Crusher was stolen because I never brought Gloria over to the base before. Besides, Gloria’s cultivation level was extremely low back then, so it was unlikely for her to attempt such a dangerous theft anyway. If Gloria didn’t steal God Crusher, then she can’t possibly be the mysterious woman, who once tried to kill me with God Crusher!

A faint smile formed on Floyd’s face when he thought of that.

Unaware that Floyd was still thinking about Gloria, Levi simply briefed everyone on their respective missions and ran off to help repair the defensive formation.

After having a discussion with Azure Dragon and the others, Phoenix approached Levi in private and said, “Boss, we’ve been investigating Floyd lately. His love for Gloria has turned into an obsession. There is nothing he won’t tell her.”

She made no attempt to conceal any of their recent findings at all.

Levi frowned slightly when he heard that, but he felt uncertain about her accusation as Floyd did swear upon his life earlier.

“I understand what you guys are trying to tell me. I’ll be extra careful around Floyd. You’re all injured, so you should all get some rest and heal up,” he said calmly.

Since Levi seemed like he knew what to do, Azure Dragon and the others said nothing further and left for a quiet corner to heal up.

The bond between them can only be forged by fighting alongside each other with their lives on the line. It must’ve been hard for them to tell me about Floyd. I sure hope Floyd doesn’t do anything stupid! No, I shouldn’t be distracting myself with such thoughts! Right now, I only have to focus on preparing for a final battle against Xylas and that mysterious woman!


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