Billionaire God of War Chapter 3597

Chapter 3597

Chapter 3597 Acknowledged By Gloria

Floyd thought he was smart, but Gloria had already seen through him. He was actually playing into Gloria’s hands without even realizing it.

The two immediately made their moves.

Although Floyd had worked really hard in his cultivation and made a lot of progress, it was nothing compared to what Gloria was capable of.

Not only was she able to accurately determine his maximum combat prowess the moment he channeled his technique, but she also knew how much force she should use to avoid exposing herself.

Her main objective was to satisfy his vanity without making it too obvious.

More importantly, she wanted to make Floyd feel guilty for doubting and hurting her.

After pretending to endure a few of his aggressive attacks, Gloria deliberately got her back hit by him.

The impact sent her flying and caused her to cough up blood on the spot.

Floyd hastily rushed over to ask concernedly, “Gloria! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Floyd… Don’t worry about me…” Gloria replied weakly.

“I’m sorry for using so much force! I didn’t mean to hurt you!” Floyd apologized, feeling extremely guilty for what he did.

He really wanted to show Gloria his achievements and regain her approval, so he had gone all out with his attacks earlier.

“It’s not your fault. I only got hit because I wasn’t paying attention. You really don’t disappoint, Floyd. I’m impressed at how much you’ve improved in such a short amount of time. I know I was a little harsh when I scolded you back then, but I only did it out of love! As a woman, I want my man to become an incredibly powerful fighter! You won’t blame me for that, would you?” Gloria said with a shy smile on her face.

Sure enough, that caught Floyd completely off guard and broke through all of his defenses instantly.

“Of course not! You helped me pull myself together and become a better man! Why would I blame you for that? If anything, I should be thanking you instead! Gloria, you’re the only reason I’m able to live on!” he exclaimed emotionally.

After sparring with Gloria to test her, Floyd grew certain that she hadn’t been cultivating Forlevia’s technique.

Forlevia’s devouring technique would give off a unique aura. It would leave some traces behind no matter how she tried to hide it.

Someone of Floyd’s level would surely be able to feel it if someone were to cultivate the same technique as Forlevia.

The feelings would grow stronger when the technique was being channeled, so he felt more guilty for suspecting Gloria before.

He felt guilty for suspecting Gloria as the one who had disclosed Forlevia’s technique.

Not only did I try to test her, but I also ended up injuring her in the process! I deserve to die!

Floyd felt a strong urge to give himself a few tight slaps.

He couldn’t bring himself to face Gloria for fear of revealing his intentions and ruining their relationship.

It seemed like he had shot himself in the foot.

“I know.” Forcefully suppressing her feelings of disgust, Gloria wiped the blood off her mouth as she continued, “Floyd, I’m really glad you’re able to pull yourself together and become this strong.”

Floyd felt like he was on cloud nine after receiving her approval.

I’ve always felt unworthy of being with Gloria. Now, I finally have something that I can surpass her with! More importantly, I managed to gain her approval and acknowledgment!

Gloria’s acknowledgment meant more than any of his achievements.

“Sigh… It seems the gap between our power levels has increased even further now!” Gloria exclaimed all of a sudden.

Floyd quickly reassured her by saying, “You can’t rush this sort of thing. Besides, you’re not too weak yourself!”

“Yeah, you’re right. Since you’re so powerful now, how strong I am doesn’t really matter anymore, right?” Gloria complimented him again.


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