Billionaire God of War Chapter 3598

Chapter 3598

Chapter 3598 Deliberate Guidance

Floyd was flattered and excited as he was listening to her compliments.

Of course, he understood the hidden meaning of Gloria’s words.

Her words implied that she had found someone to depend on.

“Don’t worry, Gloria. As long as I’m here, no one can hurt you,” said Floyd in a domineering tone.

Floyd felt that he was finally qualified to say such words to Gloria, since he was so much more powerful than her now.

I’ve been trying my hardest to cultivate for so long, and the effort is finally paid off.

At that thought, Floyd felt an immense sense of fulfilment.

He put in so much effort to cultivate during this period, not only because he wanted to help Levi to fight with the mysterious woman and Xylas, but he desired to get Gloria’s acknowledgment.

He did not want others to comment that he was not worthy of her when they got together in the future.

Finally, all his worries and concerns were gone now.

I’m finally able to say it loudly that I can protect Gloria.

The more Floyd thought about it, the more excited he became. His lips curled into a smile subconsciously.

“I’ll depend on you from now on. If you have time, you must give me some guidance on my cultivation. I don’t want to become your burden,” said Gloria.

“No problem!” Floyd was flattered.

“Gloria, I would do anything for you. I would even die for you if that’s what you want. I’m definitely happy to give you guidance on your cultivation. You can talk to me anytime if you encounter any issues in your cultivation. I will share with you all the things that I know,” Floyd assured, patting his chest.

Hearing his words, Gloria only felt disgusted.

I can kill you instantly with just one finger. Do you think you’re really qualified to give me guidance? What a joke!

Although Gloria thought so in her heart, she continued to put on an act and look at Floyd with a look of admiration.

“Sure. I believe in your abilities.” Gloria gave him a feeling that she really wanted to depend on him.

Hearing that, Floyd became even more full of himself.

If it were not for the fear of leaving a bad impression on Gloria for being childish, he would have danced with joy on the spot.

Then, Gloria continued to compliment Floyd with a lot of flattering remarks.

She also expressed her strong desire to depend on him.

Her action pleased Floyd, and he was on cloud nine.

All of the sorrow he experienced in the recent few months had been swept away.

Gloria swallowed her disgust and continued to chat happily with Floyd.

Yet, she had a new plan in mind.

“Floyd, your improvement really amazed me. Did you cultivate Forlevia’s technique?” Gloria changed the subject all of the sudden.

Floyd nodded. “That’s right. Forlevia’s technique is so powerful. It is very likely that you were injured during your cultivation last time because you failed to cultivate it the right way. If you want to learn, I will guide you.”

“That sounds great!” Gloria pretended to be excited.

In fact, Gloria had other hidden motive.

She always had the idea of letting Floyd attack Levi from behind at the critical moment.

However, with Floyd’s ability, such an idea was almost impossible to be realized.

Floyd would not be able to even lay a finger on Levi.

However, things would probably be different if she taught Floyd the devouring technique.

If he mastered the devouring technique, his prowess would grow a lot stronger in a short span of time. Eventually, his cultivation could be as powerful as that of Xylas.

Only then would it be possible for Floyd to hurt Levi in the case of a sneak attack.

Of course, there was still no hope of assassinating Levi.

However, in Gloria’s opinion, as long as Floyd could betray Levi and attack him, this mission was considered successful.

Especially when the person who attacked Levi was Levi’s favorite and most trusted disciple.

That fact alone would hurt Levi the most.

“Floyd, can you show me how to absorb spiritual energy?” Gloria said expectantly.

There was a small spiritual ley line at this temporary base, and there was still some spiritual energy left after Gloria devoured it the other day.

Floyd readily agreed and activated his technique on the spot.

Soon, an energy vortex was formed, with Floyd in the center.

Gloria occasionally asked him questions. But in fact, she was gradually guiding Floyd to discover the extreme devouring technique.


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