Billionaire God of War Chapter 3599

Chapter 3599

Chapter 3599 Floyd Mastered The Devouring Technique

“Floyd, do you think it’s all right to employ the technique this way? Last time, I did it in a similar way, but my body could not bear the impact of the sudden surge of spiritual energy. You’re much stronger now. I think you can give it a try.”

Under Gloria’s deliberate guidance, Floyd slowly discovered the characteristics of the extreme devouring technique.

The spiritual energy in his body suddenly soared. The plentiful feeling in his elixir field made him feel pretty good.

“So I can use Forlevia’s technique this way?” Floyd was pleasantly surprised.

He realized this kind of extreme devouring technique could boost his cultivation drastically in a short time.

He also remembered his master and Forlevia had explored this technique before.

However, even though Floyd had tried it out multiple times, he was still unable to find the correct way of cultivating the extreme devouring technique.

Unexpectedly, he found the key to cultivate that technique by chance today.

“Gloria, you really are my lucky star!” Floyd felt elated.

He continued to experiment with the extreme devouring technique several times and found no side effects.

Right then, he was completely relieved.

“Gloria, it seems that you were injured during your cultivation last time because your body could not bear the impact of the sudden surge of spiritual energy. Your meridians were disordered under the pressure of spiritual energy, resulting in internal injuries,” Floyd explained patiently.

Gloria wore an expression of admiration and nodded vigorously, pretending to agree with Floyd’s words.

Deep down, she sneered and called him an idiot.

He even came up with an explanation himself, which saved Gloria the effort of coming up with something to explain to him.

“Floyd, you really are a genius in cultivation. At this rate, I believe the gap between our power will become bigger and bigger,” Gloria continued to shower praise on him.

Her flattery worked very well on Floyd.

The more recognition Gloria gave him, the greater his sense of accomplishment was.

“It’s okay. Your cultivation will improve greatly under my guidance,” said Floyd with a smile.

Gloria waved her hand and said, “Forget it. I don’t want to cultivate Forlevia’s technique anymore. I don’t want to land myself in trouble. Besides, you’re protecting me now. I don’t have to worry about being bullied by others.”

Noticing Gloria’s firm attitude, Floyd felt regretful again.

For the sake of avoiding suspicion, she’s reluctant to cultivate Forlevia’s technique. I can’t believe I suspected her of leaking the information about the technique. I shouldn’t have suspected her.

“Floyd, it’s not easy for you to discover this devouring technique. You must not let anyone else find out about it. Otherwise, those who’re interested in it might target you, and you’ll be in danger,” Gloria said with a serious expression.

Floyd nodded. “I know. I’ll keep my mouth shut. I will devour with all my strength from today onward, and my power will increase greatly. Who would dare to attack me?” Floyd spoke his mind.

Since he had discovered the extreme devouring technique by chance, he must cultivate the technique with all his strength to elevate his cultivation.

With that, not only he could be acknowledged by Gloria and win her heart, but he could also protect her.

Also, he could extend the upper limit of cultivation at a fast rate and help his master to fight against the powerful enemy.

“I can’t wait to see you become the greatest fighter and dominate the world!” Gloria acted like his die-hard fan.

With the encouragement and admiration of Gloria, Floyd became more determined to cultivate the extreme devouring technique.

The only way to become the greatest fighter was to devour endlessly.

At that time, he would be busy reigning the world, and Gloria would be his beautiful and supportive wife by his side.

They would become the perfect couple that everyone envied.

Floyd started imagining his wonderful future in which Gloria was by his side while he dominated the world.

It was a good day for Floyd, for there were two pieces of good news he received that day.

First of all, it was confirmed that Gloria was not the one who had leaked the information about the technique and the secret defensive base.

Other than that, he had also managed to discover the extreme devouring technique.

“What a happy and wonderful day,” Floyd exclaimed happily.


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