Billionaire God of War Chapter 3600

Chapter 3600

Chapter 3600 Best Defense

Floyd stayed until midnight before he parted with Gloria reluctantly.

Naturally, she had utilized the Charm Technique to trick him into experiencing an illusion again, causing him to think he had shared a long and intimate time with her.

Phoenix and the others were bewildered when they saw Floyd looking radiant.

“He was so listless in the day. Why is he so elated all of a sudden?”

Phoenix and the others were baffled.

Meanwhile, the Holy Guild and the Ecclesiastic Order were under much pressure.

Fear and anxiety filled the air inside the room as they dreaded the mysterious force that might attack them at any time.

However, the seal suddenly lit up at that moment.

There was news from Thundera, not to mention it was a message drafted by the Minister in person.

“I know everything that has happened to the Holy Guild and the Ecclesiastic Order. I’ll be back very soon to take charge of the situation. All of you can rest assured while waiting for my return.”

The terse statement caused every member of the Ecclesiastic Order to go into a frenzy.

Thundera had already attained a perfect cultivation level many years ago.

The order’s members reckoned he must have polished his cultivation further after so many years.

Once Thundera returned to the Order, the mysterious force and Levi would have to step aside.

In the opinion of the members of the Ecclesiastic Order, Thundera was the only peerless and undefeatable Deity.

Everyone regained their confidence as the apprehension and doubts that haunted them dissipated.

At the same time, Gloria was informed of that matter as well, but she was not worried.

To her, regardless of how powerful Thundera might be, he could not consume an entire super-spiritual ley line within a short period.

On the other hand, Gloria was capable of doing that, especially since she was reluctant to remain trapped at her current level.

Yearning for more significant improvements, she wanted to continue devouring the super-spiritual ley line.

Otherwise, the super-spiritual ley line at Yartran would be a waste of a great treasure if left unutilized.

A human’s desires knew no bounds. Not only was Gloria eager to consume the rest of the super-spiritual ley line, but she also wished to see the legendary world Thundera sought.

Gloria had never been inferior to anyone in terms of harboring grand ambitions.

“Bone Grandmaster, help me think of a way. I do not believe this is my devouring limit,” Gloria uttered solemnly.

Bone Grandmaster was well aware of Gloria’s zeal for eminence.

Naturally, he was delighted to be a follower of such an ambitious and capable lord who could lead them toward the path of eternal glory.

Bone Grandmaster hastily recollected all the scriptures he had studied.

Then, an idea flashed across his mind.

“Lord Gloria, I suddenly remembered a section from an ancient manual that mentioned Heavenly Thunder could be used to metamorphose. Having a stronger body will, in turn, allow you to carry on with consuming the super-spiritual ley line. However, the problem lies with the difficulty in finding and manipulating Heavenly Thunder.”

Bone Grandmaster was caught in a tight spot again.

“Bone Grandmaster, I think you’re forgetting an influential faction!” Gloria chimed in sinisterly.

Bone Grandmaster pondered briefly before his eyes gleamed as clarity washed over him. “The Esoteric Guild!”

The Esoteric Guild had a unique method to summon Heavenly Thunder for their own use, so it was a perfect place for someone to augment their body.

However, the Esoteric Guild’s real base was hard to find as they had always been a mysterious organization, especially due to the lack of information regarding their background.

Rumor had it the Esoteric Guild’s combined strength far surpassed the Ecclesiastic Order.

Due to their formidable abilities, Bone Grandmaster and Gloria had to devise a detailed plan and slowly execute the strategy to achieve their goal.

Otherwise, it was highly possible for the scheme to backfire on them.

“Once we formulate a way to control the Esoteric Guild and invoke Heavenly Thunder to metamorphose, I’ll be able to devour the super-spiritual ley line again. At that time, I’ll be second to none!”

Gloria grew more excited and could not help but laugh out loud as her imagination ran wild.

On the other side, Levi’s patience depleted as the process of passively waiting was simply unbearable to him.

“The best defense is a good offense.”

He sprang to his feet.

At last, he could not hold himself back anymore and decided to launch an attack on Yartran directly.

After all, according to the news he received, the Glorian Order had stayed put in Yartran after wiping out the country.

Therefore, if Levi eliminated all those remaining members of the Glorian Order at Yartran, there would be no more loose ends.

“We need to resolve this trouble as soon as possible.”

Levi steeled his resolution.

However, when he arrived at Yartran, he was met with an unbelievable scene.


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