Billionaire God of War Chapter 3606

Chapter 3606

Chapter 3606 You Must Die

Gloria’s eyes searched for the source of the voice and found a woman in a white dress rushing toward her.

“Well, if it isn’t the Master of the West Pavilion! Shannon, how are you?” Gloria said in a mocking tone.

Shannon glanced around at the disembodied limbs and lifeless bodies littering the ground.

She gasped as the full force of Gloria’s power dawned on her.

Even the strength of Gloria’s own mentor, Linda, could not match up to this, let alone Shannon’s.

However, Shannon was the Master of the West Pavilion. If she did not stand up to Gloria, she was afraid that no one would be left alive after Gloria’s rampage.

“Gloria, these are all our own people! Why are you killing them so mercilessly?” Shannon asked in confusion. “Why are you doing this?’

Gloria sneered and replied, “When all of you humiliated and bullied me, did you ever think of me as one of you? Now that you are facing death, you expect me to think of you as family? What double standards! This is all your fault!”

Gloria’s angry rant left Shannon speechless.

It was true that they were guilty of treating Gloria terribly all along.

They had deprived her of cultivation resources and rained down endless verbal abuse on her.

“Gloria, what do you want?” Shannon asked in a serious voice.

Gloria smiled beatifically and replied, “It’s simple. I just want to kill all you two-faced evil b*tches!”


Shannon wanted to scream and scold her. However, considering the disparity in strength between them, she held her tongue.

Any harsh words would serve to only anger Gloria further.

The consequence of scolding Gloria was even more unimaginable than the bloodbath in front of Shannon at that moment.

“Just tell me what you want! If you want, I will even give you the position of the Master of the West Pavilion.”

At that moment, Shannon’s only priority was to placate Gloria and calm her down.

Secretly, however, she hoped that she could stall for time until reinforcements arrived.

Even if nobody showed up, it would be good enough if Shannon could keep her life.

“Well, that’s a thought. I’ll consider that offer.”

Shannon wanted to strike while the iron was hot. However, Gloria went on, “But I have one more condition.”

“What is it?” Shannon asked.

“Get on your knees and bow to me. Admit to all the wrongs that you have done against me,” Gloria demanded.


“Why? Are you unwilling to do that? Then, you shall die!”

Gloria let loose her terrifying wave of energy once more, and the faces of everyone around her turned ashen with fear.

They really were as fragile and helpless as ants in the presence of such an elite warrior.

An ugly expression colored Shannon’s face. She knew that Gloria wanted to humiliate her.

Gloria wanted to disgrace her in front of all the disciples of the West Pavilion.

“Do you have to be so cruel?” Shannon asked in a trembling voice.

Gloria shrugged and countered, “You led these b*tches to ruin my reputation in secret. You know you had it coming.”

“Okay, okay! I will kneel before you. You will spare the lives of the disciples of the West Pavilion if I do as you wish, right?”

Shannon’s mind worked quickly.

With just those few words, she had managed to turn herself from a woman who was fearful of death and desperate enough to beg for mercy into a leader willing to sacrifice her pride for her disciples’ lives.

“Well, that depends entirely on you and if you manage to please me,” Gloria answered.


Shannon fell to her knees in front of Gloria.

She bowed to Gloria over and over again while begging for forgiveness for all the sins that she had committed against Gloria.

After a while, Shannon’s forehead began to bleed from repeated contact with the floor.

“Is this enough?”

Shannon’s face was now as pale as death while her lips were bleeding from how hard she had bitten them.

She had never been so humiliated before.

Gloria leaned closer to Shannon, and the smirk on her face widened.

Shannon thought that this meant Gloria was about to release her from her misery. She breathed a silent sigh of relief.

However, at that moment, Shannon felt her head being forcefully grabbed.

Before she could react, Gloria slammed her head painfully to the ground.

Gloria’s strength was unimaginable, and Shannon’s head became deformed from her terrible force.

The sound of her skull cracking echoed around the hall.

Gloria, however, seemed to have exerted no more effort than if she were cracking a peanut shell.

“There was no sincerity at all! I am not satisfied!” Gloria sneered. “So, you will just have to die.”


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