Billionaire God of War Chapter 3607

Chapter 3607

Chapter 3607 The Truth Will Be Revealed

The hall was filled with the sound of gasps.

Gloria’s mindless cruelty had left everyone present in a state of shock.

Finally, someone broke the silence and screamed.

Most of the others were paralyzed by what they had seen, unable to move or even speak as they collapsed to the ground.

Everyone present in the hall was an elite disciple of the West Pavilion, and yet, they had all sustained bloody injuries.

The sight of Gloria cackling cruelly after slaughtering her fellow disciples made the rest of them tremble.

“Gloria, I was wrong. Forgive me!”

“I will do anything for you if you will spare me!”

“Gloria, from now on, you will be our Master.”

One by one, all the disciples of the West Pavilion knelt before Gloria.

Their voices were choked with tears as they collectively begged for their lives.

“It’s too late to beg for mercy now!” Gloria declared.

Then, she once again turned into a ruthless murderer, mercilessly ending the lives of all the elite disciples of the West Pavilion.

It was a massacre.

With such a huge disparity in strength, the elite disciples had no hope of resistance or defense.

They did not even have the chance to escape or retreat.

“Death to all of you!”

Wherever Gloria moved, several lifeless bodies were left in her wake.

In the end, the heart of the West Pavilion was littered with dead bodies and stained with blood.

At the same time, Xylas and the Fatalis Warriors were also on the move.

They, too, had the advantage of strength.

Within a short amount of time, the entire West Pavilion had turned into a living hell.

Dead bodies were everywhere, and the blood had formed rivers.

Even the clouds hanging above the West Pavilion had turned red as the sun reflected the blood from the ground onto them.

All the disciples who had once insulted Gloria had been unceremoniously beheaded.

Only the members of the Glorian Order were left in the West Pavilion.

“How wonderful!”

Gloria threw her head back and laughed in cruel delight.

She had finally vented all the anger and pent-up resentment that she had built up inside herself over the past years.

Her body and mind felt infinitely lighter.

“Go and spread the news! Then, we will wait and watch what happens next!”

After Gloria had issued her instructions, she quickly led Xylas to evacuate the West Pavilion.

They used a secret escape route that was unknown to outsiders.

News of the massacre at the West Pavilion spread quickly.

Everyone was shaken when they heard.

The members of the Ecclesiastic Order were particularly fearful. They were now in great danger.

Even the Holy Guild did not know how to comfort and reassure the people.

The strength and power of the Holy Guild were fading before the eyes of many.

The Acting Minister of the Holy Guild was completely helpless in the face of such a threat. The poor man was absolutely exhausted from trying to deal with the situation.

Azure Dragon and the others, too, had heard the news.

They had even sent one of their men to the West Pavilion to verify the truth of the story.

The main target of their investigation was, of course, Gloria.

However, the findings of their investigation were inconclusive as to Gloria’s current state and whereabouts.

“I went to the scene myself. It was hell on earth! Whoever did it was too cruel!”

When they heard the report of the scene at the West Pavilion, even Azure Dragon shuddered.

“Do you think it was really Gloria’s doing?” Phoenix asked.

Kirin pondered for a moment before saying, “I think yes, it could be Gloria. My gut is telling me that she’s still alive. After all, it would be impossible for there to be no trace of her death at all.”

“I’ve interviewed, or tried to interview, the disciples of the West Pavilion who had miraculously survived the massacre. They were all terribly traumatized by it. Their words were completely incoherent,” Azure Dragon said solemnly.

Phoenix’s eyes narrowed as she listened to the men talk. She was convinced that Gloria was the mastermind behind the massacre at the West Pavilion.

After all, Gloria hailed from the West Pavilion and naturally knew the layout very well.

That would explain how she easily managed to contact outside forces and cut off the West Pavilion from the outside world.

Besides, Azure Dragon had said that the slain disciples had been killed by various strange methods. It was definitely not the act of a single person.

The murders had been done quickly and easily with no resistance.

Apart from Levi, the only other people who could cause such destruction was the mysterious Glorian Order.

The way those people were killed pointed to Xylas and his Fatalis Warriors, who had once attacked their base camp before.

“Please continue to track down Gloria. The truth will soon be revealed,” Phoenix said grimly.


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