Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 300

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 300-Charles’ POV:

As I watched Scarlett and William be intimate, I realized that it was more difficult to accept than I had ever imagined.The following day, I went back to Los Angeles, frustrated and defeated.

“Charles, have you seen Scarlett?” my mother asked while we were having dinner.

I paused and acted as though nothing had happened.


“No? Then why did you go to Kitsap?”

“I attended a summit there, and I also went to Spencer’s new bar, Swarm of Stars, for its opening ceremony.”

While I was speaking, I cut my steak into bite-sized pieces, slowly putting them into my mouth one after the other.But for some reason, I could barely taste them.My mother frowned at me.

Obviously, she wasn’t pleased to hear my answer.

She took away my plate and asked, “Your father said that he saw a female reporter who was reporting a typhoon on live TV.She looked exactly like Scarlett, and she’s in Kitsap.Didn’t you even think of seeing her?”

After a moment of silence, I put down my cutleries and stared back at her.

“Mon, Scarlett is suffering from amnesia.She’s forgotten about all of us.”

“What? Amnesia?”

My mother’s eyes widened in horror.

The plate in her hand fell to the ground, shattering into pieces, and the pieces of steak were scattered all over the floor.

Some of the sauce splashed onto my white shirt, leaving a tough stain.

Hurriedly, she pulled out the chair beside me, and sat down.

“Charles, what happened to Scarlett? How and why did she lose her memory?”

“Well, according to the doctor, the experience was so traumatizing for her that she chose to forget the painful experience subconsciously,” I replied.

“How…how could it be?” My mother stared at me in disbelief.

“Mom, never mention her again.And don’t disturb her life anymore.She’s fine now and she doesn’t need us to ruin her peaceful life.”

Having said that, I stood up and went to the kitchen to grab myself another piece of steak.Then, I went back to my seat, picked up my knife and fork, and continued eating.

The steak had grown cold.

When I cut it, I could see some blood along with the meat’s juices.I tried my hardest to suppress my disgust, and chewed the piece of steak in my mouth.

Consequently, my stomach churned seconds after I swallowed it.

“Charles, are you okay?”

My mother grabbed my hand, visibly concerned.

It was then that she noticed something on the back of my hand.

“Charles, why is there a pinhole on the back of your hand? Did you get an infusion? Are you sick?”

“It’s nothing serious.I’m just having some minor stomachaches.”

I withdrew my hand, looking at her leisurely.

“There’s nothing to worry about, mom.I just want to eat in peace, okay?”

She wanted to say something, but bit back her words.

In the end, she just let out a sigh.

“Okay.I won’t bother you anymore.”

Spencer’s POV:

During the evening, I had a special guest, whom I invited to one of the bar’s private rooms.

“Mrs.Moore, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

Beads of sweat formed on my temple as ! looked at Alice.She patted the spot on the sofa beside her.

“Spencer, come and have a seat next to me.I have something to ask of you.”

I obliged to her request and sat down beside her, putting my hands on my knees.

For some reason, I was feeling flustered by her presence here.

‘What is she going to ask me? Oh, my God! Is it going to about Charles and Scarlett?’

“There’s no need to be so nervous, Spencer.This isn’t that big of a deal.I just want to ask you if Scarlett attended the opening ceremony of your new bar in Kitsap the other day.”

“Scarlett? I heard she’s sick.Perhaps that’s why she didn’t show up.”

Alice sat upright and asked, “What happened to her?”

After a moment of hesitation, I answered, “She has amnesia.”

I was trying to avoid eye contact with Alice.

“Well, if you didn’t see her, who told you that Scarlett had lost her memory?”

“William did,” I replied.

Upon hearing William’s name, Alice sprang to her feet.

“How could you believe that knave’s words? He just wants to have Scarlett for himself!”

“Whoa! Mrs.Moore, calm down.We don’t fully believe his words, either,” I responded, trying to appease her.

Alice was breathing heavily.

Clearly, she was infuriated.

“Spencer, give me William’s phone number.I shall speak to him myself!”


“Since he doesn’t want us to see Scarlett, I’ll pay him a visit,” she replied.

I couldn’t come up with an excuse, so I had to give William’s phone number to Alice.

Fearing that I had caused trouble, I called Charles immediately after.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t answering my calls.

Once Alice had left, I lay down on the sofa, staring blankly at the ceiling.

“Spencer? Are you okay? Why do you look so terrible?” Vivian asked as she entered the room.

She sat on my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve been afraid of Alice.She’s even sterner than my own mother!”

I complained to Vivian as I held her tight within my embrace.

“Is that so? Looks like I’ll have to ask Alice to teach me how to manipulate you.” Vivian drew circles on my chest with her fingertips.

“You’re more than capable of doing that already! You’ve tamed me, haven’t you? Aren’t you satisfied with that yet?”

I pressed her onto the sofa and started tickling her.

Vivian wriggled back and forth on the sofa, disheveling her clothes and revealing her fair skin.She smiled at me and said, “Of course, not!”

“It’s not enough, huh? What else do you want me to do?”

Unable to resist, I nibbled on her cheek, leaving a faint bite mark on it.

“Spencer, don’t forget that Gemma doesn’t know that we’ve decided to get married,” she said.

“You’re the one who’s stopping me from telling her!” I retorted.

All of a sudden, Vivian put her arms around my neck and whispered something in my ear.

The moment I heard it, my heart began to beat like a snare drum.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course.Gemma has always wanted to be a grandmother, hasn’t she?”

Vivian blew on my ear as if to seduce me.

“Let’s not waste any time and just have s*x already!”

As if a switch turned on in my body, I got on top of Vivian on the sofa, taking all of her clothes off immediately.

All of a sudden, my phone rang.

To be honest, I didn’t want to get off Vivian.

However, she kicked my lightly, implying that I should answer the phone.

Thus, I grabbed her phone and picked up the call.It was from Charles.

“Charles, your mom came to me earlier.She asked me about Scarlett’s amnesia, and she asked for William’s phone number from me.You’d better be careful, bud!”

“I see.Thanks for the heads up,” he replied.


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