I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2617

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2617-“It’s not hard work at all! I’m very happy to see everyone making progress every day.” Celeste said with a smile.

“David, Celia, and the women are all my disciples, so it is my responsibility to teach them,” Nova also replied.

“Anyway, no matter what, I still want to thank you. Now that I’m out of seclusion, I have something to tell you.”

After David said that, the scene became quiet and no sound was heard. All eyes were focused on him.

They were all waiting for him to continue.

Under everyone’s gaze, David thought for a moment and continued, “I have something to deal with so I will leave

Earth for a while. Your current goal is Eternal Realm so you can’t keep changing places frequently as it will affect your cultivation. Therefore, I won’t take you with me. I will take you out to look around after everyone achieves Eternal Realm.”

“David, you’re leaving?” Celeste asked with a frown.

“Yes, Celeste. After I leave, I will leave Celia and the others to you and Nova.” David nodded.

“David, where are you going? Star Kingdom?” Celia could not stop herself from asking.

“No! The place I’m going to is called Leila. It is a level 9 civilization. You should also know that it is the civilization

where the Feather family is located,” David answered honestly.

Those who could gather here were the people closest to him.

David felt there was no need to deceive everyone, so he simply told the truth.

‘Level 9 civilization?’ Celeste and Nova were shocked and looked at David in horror.

Others might not understand the meaning of a level 9 civilization.

After all, Celia and the others were either born on Earth or in the Milky Way. Those two places were considered low-level civilizations.

Even if they had been to Star Kingdom, they still could not understand the differences between civilizations.

However, Celeste and Nova knew.

A level 9 civilization was the highest level of civilization in the universe.

Further up was the legendary level 10 civilization, which was also the God Tier Civilization.

Everyone knew that Level 9 civilizations existed and there was more than one in the vast universe.

As for level 10 civilizations, no one knew whether they actually existed or only in legends.

“David, are you going to Leila?” Celeste asked, uncertain.

She wondered if she had heard wrongly.

That was a level 9 civilization!

There were countless powerhouses over there.

Even though David was very powerful and extremely talented, he was still so young.

How could he match those old monsters?

“Yeah, I have to go to Leila. Besides solving the problem with the Feather family, I have other things to do as well,” David confirmed.

“David, you have to think clearly. Leila is a level 9 civilization and it is the highest-known civilization in the universe. There are so many powerhouses there and a lot of the old monsters there had lived for epochs!” Nova persuaded.

“Don’t worry, Nova, since I’m going, I’ve made enough preparations. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m not afraid of anyone in Leila,” David stated confidently.

“We believe you. With your talent, you can rise quickly wherever you go. However, Leila is different from Star Kingdom. You must keep a low profile when you are there. Don’t provoke those big forces. Some of the old monsters have lived even longer than Star Kingdom has existed,” Nova reminded.

“I understand! Nova, just wait for me on Earth! I will come to pick you up after I familiarize myself with Leila.”

David wanted to tell everyone that his strength had reached the top of Leila.

Yet after thinking about it, he decided to not say anything.

The main reason was that Nova and Celeste would not believe him even if he told them, so he might as well not say it.

“David, when you get to Leila, you must be careful and keep a low profile first. The Feather family is not weak. It won’t be too late for you to take action after you gain more strength,” Celeste said immediately.

“Don’t worry, Celeste, I understand all this.”

No one else intervened in the conversation between the three.

The main reason was that they did not understand what a level 9 civilization was.

In addition, anyone who had been around David for a long time knew that once he made a decision, he would not change his mind easily.


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