I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2618

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2618-David needed support, not opposition.

“David, when are you leaving?” This time it was Selena who asked.

“It’s urgent, so I have to leave right away!” David replied.

“Dave, you have been in seclusion for such a long time. And now that you’re out you want to leave immediately? Can’t you stay with us for a few days?” Sandy pouted, a little angry.

The other women nodded, indicating that Sandy was right.

They all had a look of resentment on their faces as if they were bitter.

They would not stop David from going to Leila.

However, it did not make sense for him to leave immediately after he left seclusion.

No matter what, he should accompany them for a while.

David reached out and touched her head to comfort her. ” Sandy, it’s very urgent this time so I can’t accompany you, but I promise you that as long as you practice hard, I will go to the end of the world, or even the universe, with you once you get to Eternal Realm, how about that?”

“Dave, you promised so you can’t go back on your word.”


At this time, David’s communication device sounded.

Beep beep!

He took a look and saw that Evie had sent the location of her clan in Leila.

He opened it and a huge and beautiful three-dimensional galaxy map appeared in front of everyone.

Celia and others were shocked by this galaxy map.

Even Celeste and Nova were attracted by it.

They had seen the map of Star Kingdom, but not the map of level 9 civilization Leila.

It was bigger and more beautiful than Star Kingdom.

A dozen pairs of eyes stared at the star map.

Two shining points successfully attracted everyone’s attention as there were only two shining points in the entire three-dimensional galaxy map.

One was in the upper center of the map while the other was in the bottom corner.

David knew that the shining point at the bottom was where they were.

The other one was undoubtedly the Elves’ location.

“This should be our location, and the one above is where I want to go,” David said, pointing to two shining spots.

The distance between the two shining points did not seem to be very far.

However, the actual distance could be determined without a reference.

“David, can you find Star Kingdom?” Celeste asked.

If they found Star Kingdom, they could calculate the approximate distance.

“I’ll try to zoom in!”

After David finished speaking, he controlled the communication device to continuously enlarge the shining point at the bottom.

The whole process lasted ten minutes, and yet he still could not find Star Kingdom.

After a few more minutes, they spotted a prosperous civilization closer to the shining point that was obviously larger than the others.

“According to my calculations, this should be Star Kingdom,” David said.

Since he had very powerful soul power, his calculation ability was also quite terrifying.

Wherever he went, he could roughly calculate the approximate distance based on his speed.

Celeste and Nova looked at each other with shock in their eyes.

They only found Star Kingdom after zooming in on their location for more than ten minutes.

Moreover, Star Kingdom was just a dot now.

How far was this?

How long would it take to get there?


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