Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 376

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 376-Charles’ POV:

“Have you found out where she is? Where has she gone?” | anxiously asked Richard.

After checking the surveillance cameras, i found that a bunch of luxury cars had picked up Scarlett

“Sir, she is heading to the west coast,” Richard replied respectfully, “Get me the surveillance video of the west coast at once.”

“Sir, the road there is under construction, so the surveillance cameras in the area have been turned off,” Richard answered with an embarrassed look.

“Then where was she last seen?”

“The last surveillance picture of her was taken near the west coast‘s ecological park, which is not far from the Moore Group‘s subsidiary company.”

“Richard, we’ll head there at once.” Unable to contain my excitement, I stood up, ready to find her. I had finally found her after a year.

“But sir… Today is Miss Hill‘s birthday. Didn‘t you promise her that you would attend her birthday party at the Palace Hotel?” Looking at my cold eyes, Richard’s voice became lower.

“Okay, sir. I‘ll go and get the car now.”

While we were on our way in my sports car, my phone kept buzzing. I saw that it was a call from Raina, but I did not have the slightest interest to answer it. Gazing at the beautiful view outside, I could not help but think of the woman I had missed in the past year. Scarlett had been the only one on my mind in the past year.

Although I had forgotten the details of our relationship, I still remembered how it felt. Ever since the day she left me, my heart had been aching, and I knew that even though I had lost my memories, I still loved her deeply. I was determined to win her back. I could never forgive myself if I lost her again. Suddenly, the car came to a screeching halt.

I frowned and asked, “What‘s wrong?”

“Sir, the construction is going on. We can‘t pass. Our only option now is to turn back and make a detour.”

The whole road was blocked, and I saw many construction workers handling excavators.

Soon, Richard started the car again and turned back.

‘Damn it! This cannot be happening!”

“Stop the car,” I shouted.

“What‘s the matter, sir?” After stopping the car, he turned to me with a confused look.

I opened the door, got out of the car, and ran towards the construction site.

“Sir, it‘s dangerous. Come back!” Richard shouted in panic.

“Young man, what are you doing? Stop!” the workers shouted at me. Ignoring their words, I ran forward recklessly, thinking only about Scarlett. I rushed into the construction site.

The road was pitted; there were rocks and sand everywhere, and a huge excavator was before me. But I had to stop when I reached the tall iron fence.

The workers surrounded me, and their boss walked over to me, pointed at me, and yelled, “What are you doing? Do you have a death wish? How can you just run into a construction site without thinking?”


I pulled my tie, and glared at him. Seeing my fierce expression, they immediately stepped back.


“Sorry, everyone. My boss had something urgent to deal with, and that’s why he rushed over,” Richard rushed over and explained to them you‘re ridiculous. Get out of here right now I don‘t care how anxious your boer kw, but he can‘t be risking his life so carelessly”

“Okay. Okay”

Richard bowed to them before he looked at me in embarrassment. “Sir, let‘s go back now. Perhaps, we can still make it.”

Looking at the road ahead gloomily, I felt like there was really no path in front of me

I turned around and strode back to the car, the helpless feeling crippling my heart

That moment, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket I took it out, and saw that it was a call from Amy

“Hey, what‘s up?” I asked coldly

Well Sir, Miss Hill just called. And she wanted to know when you will arrive at her birthday party

Tack! Who the hell does she think she is‘ I have something important to deal with Tell her not to bother me.

I hung up irritably I had no choice but to vent the anger in my heart I lifted my leg and kicked the door, causing a huge dent in the car, “Damn it?”

Richard stood aside quietly

I tried my best to calm down after that. What should I do now?

All of a sudden, something occurred to me

“Richard, was it a bunch of luxury cars that picked up Scarlett from the airport?” Richard nodded in reply

“Check the license plate numbers of those cars, and find out who the owner is in a day.”

I turned around and looked at the ecological park with determination in my eyes

Raina‘s POV:

My birthday party was about to begin, and Charles was not there yet. I called him, but he did not pick up, so I called his secretary, and even then there was no response My heart was filled with uneasiness as I stood outside the Palace Hotel anxiously

I told myself that Charles would not stand me up on purpose, and that he must have something important to deal with.

“Happy birthday, Raina. Why are you still here? Come on in We are all waiting for you.”

My friends walked to me and held my hand, trying to drag me inside. I squeezed a smile and said, “Charles isn‘t here yet, so I want to wait for him.” “Oh, I get it now. You are waiting for your boyfriend.”

“Pana, you are so lucky to be Mr. Moore‘s girlfriend He must have spent a fortune on your birthday party. He‘s booked the whole hotel for your birthday party”

“Yes, Raina, you must be the happiest woman on the planet. Mr. Moore is rich, handsome, and he treats you well. I really envy you.”

My friends’ compliments cheered me up “Raina, don‘t worry. Maybe something urgent came up back in the company. My brother will be here soon,” Chloe comforted me after walking to me.

I immediately lowered my head and pretended to be sensible, I shook my head and said, “It‘s all right. I don‘t blame him at all.” As expected, Chloe patted my hand lovingly, “Nonetheless, how can he be late for his girlfriend‘s birthday? I‘ll talk to him about it later.”

I smiled shyly

“Happy birthday, Raina.” A middle-aged man dressed in a gray suit and leather shoes walked in gracefully

“Dad.” I welcomed him with joy, turned around, and introduced him to everyone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is my father, Gary Hill, the president of the Hill Group”

The crowd became lively again, making me the center of their attention, and just when I was enjoying the moment, a cold voice

“Is there anyone here? Why didn‘t anyone come out to welcome me? Is this the way the Hill Group entertains their guests?” I turned towards the voice and saw a woman dressed in a crimson Givenchy gown standing by the door. She had full red lips. Her long curly hair lazily draped around her waist, and she was wearing a stunning diamond necklace which made her glow like the star in the sky..

All of a sudden, the crowd burst into a roar of admiration. My face turned pale and I froze.It was Scarlett!How could she be there?


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