Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 377

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 377-Scarlett’s POV

“Scarlett, you’re… you’re back?” Raina stammered in disbelief.

When she saw me, her face went white as a sheet.She looked as though she had just seen a ghost.

At this moment, Elena stepped forward and introduced me to Raina.

“This is Miss Wilson.”

With her eyes wide in shock, Raina pointed at me and asked incredulously, “What? Miss Wilson? She can’t be Miss Wilson!”

“It’s true.She’s Caroline Wilson, the only child of Mr.Edward Wilson,”

Elena proudly announced my identity to everyone.

As soon as she finished speaking, the crowd burst into an uproar.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe that she’s the child of the legendary president of the Wilson Group.This is the first time she has shown up in public!”

“I never expected Miss Wilson to be this beautiful.”

“Are you all blind? She’s obviously Scarlett Riley.How could she be the daughter of the president of the Wilson Group?”

“What?! She’s Scarlett? Then that would mean she’s Mr.Moore’s ex-wife.” I said nothing.

I just stood there calmly and let the crowd scrutinize me.

“Don’t be fooled by her.She’s not Mr.Wilson’s only child.She’s Scarlett Riley, a vicious woman who abandoned her husband and children,” Raina loudly said for everyone to hear.

In an instant, the entire hall fell into dead silence.

“Yes! She’s a liar.She’s not a member of the Wilson family at all,” Chloe echoed.

She then pointed at me and cussed me out.

“You bitch, you should get the hell out of here.How dare you steal a rich lady’s identity to attend Raina’s party? Have you no shame?”

“Don’t worry. I’m not as shameless as you are,”

I retorted with a sneer at the corners of my mouth.


Chloe uttered, dismayed that I had the nerve to talk back to her.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.Did I offend you in any way? How could you say that I’m a ‘vicious woman’ when you don’t even know me?” I asked with feigned confusion and innocence.

Raina took two steps forward and stood side by side with Chloe.

“Stop being pretentious.You’re the reason why Charles lost his memory last year.As if that wasn’t enough, you even abandoned your three children.Only a heartless and vicious woman could do that.” I must say, Raina’s speculation was convincing.

With just a few sentences, she managed to make the crowd burst into an uproar for the second time.

“What? Isn’t it true? If it’s not, why aren’t you defending yourself?” Raina added.

“I hate to break it to you, but the woman you’re talking about probably just looks like me.Surely, there are many people in the world who look alike.How could you be so sure that that woman is me?” I bantered.

“Is that the best explanation you’ve got? You look exactly like her.”

“Raina, why are you so obsessed with the way I look?”

I took a closer look at her face and sighed.

“If that woman looks like me, she must be prettier than you.Don’t tell me you’re slandering me because you’re jealous that you’re not as beautiful as me?”

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Raina bellowed.


It seemed that my words had gotten into her

“I’m telling the truth! Why are you stopping me from telling the whole world how heartless you really are?”

I smiled at her sarcastically.

Suddenly, I gasped and acted as if I had realized something.

“I see.You want to make it seem that you’ve mistaken me for someone when, in reality, you just want to give your ego a boost.And you can only do that by belittling me.What’s the matter with you? How could you humiliate yourself on purpose?”


Raina gasped.

If it were not for the fact that everyone was watching her, she would have rushed forward and fought with me like a shrew I, however, remained calm and composed.

Like a noble swan, I raised my neck and passed by Raina without a word.

I did not have to say a word to make her look pathetic.

“Raina, what’s going on?”

All of a sudden, a deep voice of a man came from my behind.I looked back and saw a dignified man walking toward us.

“Dad!” Raina exclaimed.

Her face lit up when she thought that she had found someone to back her up.

With an aggrieved look on her face, she bit her lips and ran toward the man, presumably her father.

To her surprise, he ignored her and instead went straight to me.

He reached out his hand and said, “You must be Miss Wilson.I’m Gary Hill.I’m sorry for my daughter’s behavior.It’s my fault.I spoiled her too much.Please forgive her.”

“Of course.Don’t worry.I won’t hold it against her,”

I answered politely. I looked up, and I happened to see Charles standing by the handrail on the second floor.

Our eyes met, and I almost lost my mind.

For a moment, I felt like I was a drop of water that had fallen into a hot oil pot.

However, my identity could not be exposed.

So, I tried, with all my might, to suppress the hatred and resentment I had bottled up in my heart. At this moment, I pointed at Charles and calmly asked Gary, “Who is that man?”

“You mean Charles Moore? He’s my daughter’s fiance,”

Gary stressed the word ‘fiance’ as he spoke.

And for some reason, his eyes darkened in contempt when he looked at Charles.

Meanwhile, Charles walked down the stairs, and Raina’s face lit up with joy.She lifted the hem of her dress like a princess and ran to him with a sweet smile.

“Charles, why are you late? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Now that Charles was here, her arrogant attitude changed, and she started acting like a spoiled lady.I could not help but roll my eyes.

What a hypocrite.

Unfortunately for Raina, Charles ignored her and instead went straight to me.He looked at me from head to toe with a myriad of emotions in his eyes.

Powered by Hooligan Media I did not want to know what emotions he had, though.

“Hello, Mr.Moore,” I greeted stiffly as if this was the first time we had met.

Raina remained unfazed.

She walked up to Charles and clung to his arm, “This is Charles, my fiance,” she proudly said.

There was a complacent look on her face as if she was showing off her most prized possession But then, Charles shook off her hand.

“I don’t like it when others touch me.”

Raina was taken aback, but she quickly got a hold of herself.She put down her hand as if nothing had just happened.

“Hello… Miss Wilson?”

Doubt and confusion could be heard in Charles’s tone.

He stared at me with his intense gaze, and I looked back at him with the same intensity. As if the humiliation was not enough, Raina still had not given up.She leaned against his shoulder to show off her affection for Charles.

Because of this, she noticed that something was wrong with him.

“Oh my God! Charles, what happened to your face? Who slapped you?!”

The left side of his face was red, and my handprint was still visible.

It did not take a genius to know that someone had slapped him.

I was pleased He deserved it.

The only regret I had was not slapping him harder.

Raina reached out to touch Charles’s face, but he dodged her hand.

At this moment, everyone’s attention was drawn to him

“Oh my God! Someone slapped Mr.Moore?”

“Who could it be? Does that person have a death wish?”

While everyone was talking to one another about what had happened, I smiled and said, “I slapped him, so what?”


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