Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 378

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 378-Scarlet’s POV :

“What? You stapped him “ Raine looked at me with wide eyes and continued.

Why did you hit my fiance. I’m sorry.I don’t know he was your fance when I stepped him. I cast a playful glance at Charles and flashed him a mocking smile though he was a rogue at that time.I didn’t know he was the famous Mr.Moore.I’m so sorry Charles didn’t say anything He just stared at me silently.

Raine‘s face darkened What are you talking about? How could you mistake Charles for a rogue? “

At that time, I started narrating what had happened.”Mr.Moore suddenly grabbed my hand and refused to let me go. I actually thought he was harassing me.

Now come and think about it, he’d probably mistaken me for that Scarlett woman you’re talking about. I smiled apologetically at Charles and shrugged.

“I totally misunderstood you.So did you stop me at the airport to get even with the woman you were looking for? paused for a second and sighed.”

But I heard that Scarlett, the woman you mentioned, died a year ago.I also heard that she was pregnant when she passed away.’

After hearing my words.

Charles instantly turned deathly pale, and his usually icy demeanor turned even colder.

“What did you say?” Charles asked Seeing the sheer panic in Charles’s eyes, I felt relieved and content.

Raina interrupted me.

“Today is my birthday.Miss Wilson.If you’re here to mess things up, then please leave.’

“Don’t be childish Raina.How could you talk to Miss Wilson in such an impolite manner?”

Gary immediately interjected.

I waved my hand and said calmly, “It’s okay, Mr.Hill.Raina’s right.It is her birthday.The birthday girl is the boss.”

I turned around and nodded at Elena. Understanding what I wanted her to do, she nodded back and handed Raina an exquisite red gift box

“Here‘s my gift to you, Raina.Happy birthday.Go ahead, open it,”

I encouraged her to open the box.I could tell that everyone present was curious about the gift.

Raina hesitantly opened the red gift box.

inside the box was a doll with golden hair and blue eyes.

It had a sweet smile on its face, and it was wearing a white dress made of gauze “Aht Powered by Hooligan Media Raina screamed and dropped the box on the floor.The doll rolled out and stopped with its big, blue eyes staring directly at Raina.

“Is an Annabelle doll.”

The crowd erupted into gasps and stifled shouts.

Staring at the creepy-looking doll on the ground, I couldn’t help smiling broader and broader.

“What’s the matter, Raina? Don’t you like my gift? What a pity! I chose her especially for you.”

“You Raina was about to lose her temper when Gary glared at her.

“Yes.Yes, of course I like it. Raina gritted her teeth.Her face contorted, and she forced her på to curt into a smile that just turned out to be awful.She grabbed on to her dress so lightly that she almost ripped the fabric apart”

“Really? Oh, good.I’m glad.I really hope that you and Mr.Moore will have a baby soon.”

Raina picked up the doll with trembling hands, and the dot fell to the floor again.

This time, the doll’s head broke off and rolled toward Charles’s teet.

All of a sudden, there was dead silence I looked at Chartes indifferently and said with a smile, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I almost forgot.You two aren’t married.Silly me.It’s too Arly to wish that you have a child together.For now, I wish you a happy and healthy relationship to last a lifetime.Please don’t forget to send me an invitation to your wedding.I’d love to come and witness you two exchange wedding vows.”

Then I turned around and gave Raina a cold smile.

“Happy Birthday again Raina Unfortunately, I have to go.Thank you for inviting me.Goodbye.”

Anter that I strode out of the banquet hall.

Charles’s POV.

Looking at Scarlett’s back.

I squatted down, picked up the doll, put the head back on its neck, and put it back into the box.

Sparkett’s cold stare and alienating words filled my mind.

She looked nothing like my Scarlett.

Was she really Caroline Wilson like she claimed? But I don’t want to believe it.

I would never mistake Scarlett for anyone else.

But why did she say that Scarlett was dead? More importantly, why did she say that Scarlett died with a child in her womb? What was going on? tightened my grip on the gift box as if it were a lifeline that could save me from the panic that was beginning to drown my t had to know the truth.let‘s go.Charles.The party is about to begin,”

Raina said and pulled on my sleeve.

I turned to look at her, and all I saw were reminders of how I once felt about Rita.I didn’t feel pity for Raina anymore, just disgust.I moved my arm and shook off her touch.

Then, I turned around and chased after Scarlett.

Scarlett I ran to the gate and shouted at the top of my lungs, hoping I’d get Scarlett’s attention.

“Please behave yourself, Mr.Moore, “

A woman, Scarlett’s bodyguard, stopped me.

It’s okay Elena Let him approach.’ Scarlett glanced at me indifferently.

Elena put down her hand and watched me carefully as I walked toward Scarlett.The closer I got to her, the harder my heart beat against my chest. A whole year had passed. In the last twelve months, I’d imagined our encounter many times.

I had a lot to say to her, but I felt as if a giant invisible hand was choking me.I tried my best to blurt out the words.

Scariett “…”

Scarlett narrowed her eyes at me and slightly tilted her head.

There was no spark of recognition in her eyes.

“Mr.Moore, please dont mistake me for another person.We‘re not familiar with each other.I’d insist that you address me as Miss Wilson out of respect ‘Scarlett said flatly & Hier words, albeit reasonable, drove a stake through my heart.

I bit down on the sorrow that surged from the pit of my stomach.

“Okay Miss Wilson ‘ I muttered facing her apathy.

What’s wrong? it‘s your fiancee’s birthday party.

Shouldn’t you be with her? Aren’t you afraid that she’ll get jealous when she finds out that you ran out after me?

“She is not my fiancee.I have already had a wife,” I answered through gritted teeth.

I looked right into Scarlett’s eyes and waited for any indication at all that she understood what I was talking about.

Standing right in front of her, I was dying to call her my wife and tell her how much I still loved her.

I see’ A hint of surprise flashed across Scarlett’s face.

But if you already have a wife, Mr.Moore, then why are you with Raina? I have to remind you that it’s against the law to marry someone else while you still have a legal wife.

“I’m out with Raina. There’s only one woman I love, and her name is Scarlett.”

I was already a little too late for me to be telling Scarlett all this, but I didn’t care.I just needed her to know that it had always been her, and it would always be her.

She was the only woman I wanted to marry in my life.


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