Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 480

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 480-Caroline‘s POV:

This Friday, I gave Grandma a call.The phone rang for quite a while before she picked it up.

“Hello?” Grandma answered the phone in a low voice.

I frowned.

My intuition told me that something was up, but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

“Grandma, we‘re going to have a dessert tasting party tomorrow.My kids love desserts.I‘d love to bring them there.”

“Of course, you can.I‘m sure they miss you very much.But…”

A sinking feeling emerged in the pit of my stomach.

“But what?” I hurriedly asked.

Grandma sighed.

“I‘m afraid Charles won‘t agree to this.”

“What? Why not?”

“The kids made trouble.They‘re grounded and aren‘t allowed to come out of their rooms yet.”

I could not help but wonder what the kids had done to warrant them being grounded.

“What happened?” I anxiously asked.

“You‘d better come over and see for yourself. Charles isn‘t home right now.”

Grandma hung up the phone as soon as she finished speaking.

I felt that something fishy was going on, but I just shrugged it off.I was so anxious about the kids that I could not bear to think of anything else.

Without further ado, I went to the Moore mansion to find out what had happened.I did not bother to ask my bodyguard to drive me there.I drove there myself.

It was raining heavily when I arrived.

Although the door was not that far from the parking lot, I still got wet.

With my heart pounding in my chest, I reached out and knocked on the door.

Nobody answered it.

But when my knuckles touched the door, it opened a crack.

Confused, I pushed the door open.

The living room was pitch black, and nobody seemed to be home.

“Grandma? Are you home?”

Was nobody home? But I just talked to Grandma on the phone.

Not to mention, the door was open.

While my imagination was running wild, the chandelier atop my head suddenly lit up.

“Surprise!” somebody yelled all of a sudden.

I was startled.

At this moment, James rushed to me and threw himself into my arms.

Holding Jerry and Jason‘s hands, Grandma looked at me with a smile.

James kissed me on the cheek and said, “Mommy, I missed you so much.”

“Mommy, Mommy!”

Jerry and Jason ran towards me excitedly.They were like little birds welcoming their mother bird.

“The kids wanted to give you a surprise, so I had to… I hope it‘s okay with you,” Grandma said with an apologetic smile.

I shook my head helplessly.I found it cute that Grandma was still playful and innocent in her old age.

She even worked with the kids to play a trick on me.

With a toy pistol in his hand, James ran around the house and pretended as if he was in a shooting field.

He even shouted “bang, bang, bang!” as he rolled down from the sofa and jumped onto the tea table.

Jerry and Jason ran after their brother and screamed in excitement.I felt dizzy as the kids ran around.

But at the same time, I was happy.

This happy moment felt so surreal. A few minutes later, James was drenched in sweat.

“Alright, kids.Stop it now.Go take a shower and come with Mommy.We‘ll go to a dessert tasting party tomorrow.We‘re gonna have fun!”

While the kids were looking at me with beaming smiles, I grabbed James and lifted him up.

“James, let‘s take a shower together!” James nestled in my arms comfortably.

“Do you want me to help you?”I asked.

James shook his head at once.

“No, thanks.I‘m a big boy now.I usually take a shower on my own now.”

It turned out that my son had really grown up while I was away.

“If you say so.Don‘t play with water, or bury your head in the water, or anything dangerous, okay? Just take a quick shower!” I reminded him.

“Okay, okay!”

James impatiently exclaimed as if he could not stand my nagging anymore.

While I was watching my kids go to their rooms, Grandma came over with a change of clothes.

“Caroline, you should change as well.Your clothes are wet.Here.You can wear this while I dry your clothes.”

I took the clothes over and gave Grandma a grateful smile.

“Thank you.”

When I took a closer look at the clothes, I was stunned.This was Charles’s night robe.

Grandma must have noticed that I was hesitant, so she reassured me, “It‘s just for a while.Don‘t worry.Charles isn‘t home.”

I nodded with a sigh.I had no choice but to wear it.

The robe was very loose on me.

While I was fastening the belt, the door behind me suddenly opened.

Thinking it was Grandma, I turned around with a smile.

But the next second, my eyes widened in surprise.

“What what are you doing here?” I stammered.

Charles was standing in front of me, also stunned.

“I‘m the one who should be asking you that,” he retorted.

His gaze fell on what I was wearing.

For a second, his black eyes glinted with emotions I couldn‘t read.

It was only then did I realize that he was right.

This was his home.

Of course, he had the right to be here, I was the one who was not supposed to be here.

Flustered, I tightened my collar and was at a loss for words.

“I‘m leaving…”

There was dead silence in the room.

The way Charles looked at me made my skin crawl.

My instincts were telling me to run.

If I stayed here any longer… I strode to the door.

But after taking a few steps, I stumbled over an uneven carpet.I closed my eyes and screamed in a panic.


To my surprise, the pain that I was expecting did not come.

Ever so slowly, I opened my eyes, and I found myself in Charles‘s arms.

“Thank you.” I propped myself up.

However, Charles held me even tighter.

“Don‘t move,” he said in a low and hoarse voice.

His words sounded like a warning and, at the same time, seduction.I must admit, it was titillating.

It took me a moment before I understood why he did not let me move.

He was as hard as a stone.I could feel his erect manhood pressing on my side.

The belt on my waist was the only thing that was securing the robe.

But because of our posture, the deep V–collar was completely open in his direction.

Needless to say, my full bust was open for his viewing.

My brain went blank, and my face turned a deep shade of red.I hurriedly covered my chest with my hands.

But, I knew that it was too late.

“I… I‘ll go get changed.I‘ll explain everything to you later.”

Just as I was about to run away, Charles reached out and put his arms around my waist, stopping me from leaving.

The next moment, he pulled me up and pushed me onto the sofa.

My heart skipped a beat.I wanted to run.

However, Charles was way faster than me.He put his hands against the sofa and blocked my way with his body.I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down.

“Charles, what–what do you want?”

It was hard for me to calm down when he was so close to me.

What was more, the scenes of our passionate s*x kept flashing through my mind.

“That‘s my question for you,”

Charles whispered while gazing into my eyes.His eyes were like deep whirlpools.

The more I looked into them, the more I felt that my soul was going to be sucked in.

“You‘re in my house, wearing my night robe.What do you want?”

Charles whispered in my ear.

We were inches away from each other that I could hear his breath on my face.My mind was a mess.

Suddenly, he looked down from my face and took a glance at my chest.

“You‘re not wearing anything underneath, and you threw yourself into my arms.Caroline, I‘m afraid it‘s you who should explain yourself.Hmm?”

The way his last word sounded brought a chill down my spine.

Although my mind was buzzing, I still managed to grab my collar.He… he even knew I did not wear any underwear.

Could it be that he saw everything just now?

“It‘s–it‘s just a misunderstanding.I came here to pick the kids up.Had I known you‘d return tonight, I wouldn‘t have come here.” I reached out and pushed him away.

However, Charles were faster and stronger than me.

He held both of my hands with only one of his.

And no matter how hard I tried to break free of his grasp, I could not.

“You seduced me.As a man, I have to give you a response as respect.”

I did not seduce him at all! But just as I opened my mouth to speak, he pressed his lips to mine.

His kiss was deep and torrid.

With his free hand, he unfastened the belt without a hitch.

The robe spread out immediately.

And my breasts, which I had tried so hard to cover, were now exposed.

But right now, nothing else seemed to matter anymore.

All I could think about was the pleasure I was feeling as his leg rubbed against the most sensitive part of my body.

My body seemed to have a mind of its own.

I could not help but put my hand on Charles‘s shoulder and moan lustfully.

My nails also dug into his skin in arousal.

Although I hated to admit it, I was on fire.


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