Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 481

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 481-Charles’ POV:

The bathrobe was askew.

Caroline’s delicate body in all of her curvy glory as well as the bewitching sight between her legs was laid bare for my greedy eyes.She was delicate yet so alluring that I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Under my bewitched gaze, her skin and cheeks turned red with embarrassment and lust.

Reverently, I held her breasts in my hand, weighing the soft mounds.

“Charles, stop it.”

Her words told me to stop, but her body urged me on, her eyes shining bright with the lust she was trying not to feel.In fact, her soft refusal came out as more of a moan.

“Are you really sure you want me to stop?” I asked just before I kissed her.

“No… But the kids…”

Caroline’s voice was shaky, most of her words nothing but long moans.

“Grandma will take care of them.Don’t be nervous.Relax.”

Done with the conversation, I sucked on her earlobe gently before turning my attention to the beautiful mounds of flesh beckoning me.

Bending my head, I took one nipple into my mouth, suckling as I palmed her left breast.

“Charles.., I can’t stand it anymore…”

“Beg me.” I slowed down on purpose.


Caroline stared at me beneath her lashes, giving me a come hither look. I wasn’t sure she was aware she was making

“Dad, are you drinking milk from mom’s breast?”

A confused but childish voice asked from behind me.

The sound was soft, barely above a whisper.

But at this very moment, it might as well have been a bomb.

With a jerk, I released the nipple I was currently worrying with my teeth and quickly covered Caroline with the night robe.

“Go back to your room and sleep!” I snapped, ordering my son out of the room.

This brat!

How dare he barge in here and ruin the intimate moment my wife and I were sharing?

“But it’s not yet time for bed.Mom said we will be spending the night at her house and tomorrow we will eat lots of desserts,” James replied, confused as to why I was ordering him to go to sleep.

“Mommy isn’t leaving.Now, go back to your room and play with your younger brothers!” I growled, my patience running out, Caroline lay on the sofa and dared not to move.


Finally, the door closed behind him.

Expelling a breath of relief, I turned to Caroline so we could pick up from where we stopped, but she pushed me away angrily

“Bastard! Bastard!” she repeated over and over, cursing me out as she tied her night robe angrily.

Still fuming, she swiped her clothes off the floor and marched out of the room.

The hazy cloud of anger she was in blinded her to anything else but the need to leave the room.

So much so that she didn’t notice that her underwear was still on the floor.

“Caroline, wait…” I began, trying to draw her attention to the forgotten item, but she cut in ruthlessly.

“Shut up! I’m leaving!”

“But I’m afraid you can’t leave now…”

Again, I tried to tell her, but the angry woman wouldn’t let me say one full sentence.

“Enough! I don’t want to hear another word from you.I’m leaving and that’s final!”

And with that declaration, Caroline turned and ran out of the room like a frightened rabbit.

Caroline’s POV:

I rushed into the bathroom and took off the nightgown.

In the mirror, I could see that most of my body was still red until now.

The place where Charles sucked was still red and slightly swollen.

The tips of my ears turned hot as I blushed fiercely.

Lowering my lashes, I hastily wore my bra and found my shirt in the dryer.

Only when I was decent could I look at my reflection in the mirror.

When I turned to my pile of clothes to take out my panties, I was left mystified.

My underwear was missing.

Where could it be? Over and over, I checked through my clothes and even the dryer and the laundry basket in its entirety, but I couldn’t find it.

Did I leave it in the bedroom? No wonder Charles had been absolutely certain I couldn’t leave.

What the hell was he planning to do with it? Once again, I put on Charles’ nightgown and tied the knot firmly.

When I got to the master bedroom, I knocked politely and waited for him to open the door.

Some time later, I heard the sounds of unhurried footsteps just before the door was opened.

A small towel wrapped around his waist was the only thing covering his nakedness.

Obviously, Charles had just been in the shower.

‘Damn it!’ I cursed silently as I appreciated the view against my will.

He had long but muscly legs, a thick chest but not so heavily muscled like a gym rat.

Even his natural pheromone was making me restless.

A few minutes ago, I had been spitting mad, but right now, I couldn’t help but feel my anger thawing a little as I basked in the magnificence of his body.

At least now I understood why so many women kept chasing after him.

Not only did he have an impeccable family background, he also had to be physically mesmerizing as well.

“What’s up?”

Charles whispered with a raised brow, his eyes shining with undisguised interest.

Stretching my hand out imperatively, I demanded, “Please give it back to me.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked flippantly as he turned away from me and walked into the dressing room.

“Why don’t you come in first?”

No! There was no way I was going back into the bedroom.

Besides, I just saw Charles head into the walk-in closet.

I waited outside for a while, but he didn’t come out.

There was nothing else I could do but follow him.I found Charles just as he wore his pants and zipped up.

Immediately, I turned my back to him even as my face flamed.

“I only came to take it back.”

“Not a problem, but first, you have to tell me what I have taken from you.”

Charles’s nonchalant voice was muffled by the shirt he was in the process of wearing.

“Don’t mess with me.You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

He simply stared back at me, unmoved.

My anger flared again and I snapped at him.

“Do you have some kind of fetish for collecting women’s underwear? If that’s the case, I’ll buy you a dozen pair next time.”

Instead of getting angry, Charles lips spread in a smug smile.

Lips curving into an impish smile, Charles growled, “If I happen to have such a kink, then I’m only interested in yours.Are you going to give your underwear to me?”

His bright smile didn’t change at his crude words.

It would appear that the man didn’t have a single shy bone in his body, nor did he feel any shame.

“You pervert!”

I yelled again because I had no other words I could use to scold him, Shrugging.

Charles buttoned up his shirt.

When he was done, his unruffled gaze returned to mine.

“It’s on our bed.” I whirled around and stormed out of the walk-in closet.

Sure enough, I saw my underpants on the gray quilt.

Quickly, I grabbed it and dashed out of the bedroom, not even stopping to say anything more to him. Just before I reached the door, his voice announced from behind me.

“You should be more careful and ensure you don’t leave anything behind next time.”

Next time? There would be no ‘next time’ because I have learnt my lesson! I went back to the bathroom and put on all my clothes.I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

How could I lose all my composure in front of him? While I was lost in thoughts, someone knocked on the door.

Smoothing my expression into something more approachable, I went to open the door.

On the other side was Grandma.

Smiling blandly, Christine said quietly, “Caroline, it’s raining quite heavily.Why don’t you stay and have dinner with us?”

“No, thanks.I’d better go back.”

“The kids and I are supposed to be the only ones at home today.Charles’ return isn’t part of the plan.He has a business dinner tonight and will leave soon.Can’t you stay and keep us company?”

I hesitated for a long time but eventually I agreed to stay.

When we got downstairs, the children were already at the table.

James waved at me and said, “Mom, come here.”

I had already started walking towards him when I saw Charles settling into his seat.

Coming to a complete stop, I graced Charles with a small frown.

“Don’t you have a business dinner to get to?”

“It’s got canceled.”

Charles’ reply was flippant as he smirked at me.

James handed the pudding to Charles and said, “Dad, taste the pudding.Mom brought it here.It’s sweet!”

“Okay, let me have a taste.”

Charles scooped up a mouthful of dessert, tasted it carefully, and said, “It’s really sweet.Only kids like these desserts.”

My brows furrowed as I tried in vain not to feel offended.

Was he making fun of me? However, there was no mockery in his tone.It sounded like he was indulging a child.

“No! Daddy is the child!” James protested.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“James is right.”

Charles put down the spoon and asked leisurely, “Why am I a child?”

“You still drink Mommy’s milk. I saw it just now! So you are a child!” James declared loudly


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