Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 482

Bye, My Irresistible Love Chapter 482-Caroline’s POV:

I was drinking milk when I heard James’ words.

My face turned the deepest shade of red and a violent fit of coughing shook my frame as my milk went down the wrong way. The servant and Grandma burst into laughter.

Jerry and Jason stared at the adults in confusion, their minds unable to comprehend what was happening.

Charles took one look at me before turning his attention to the servant.

“Get Mrs.Moore a glass of water.”

Whirling around immediately, the servant left to do his bidding “Mom, did I say something wrong?”

James asked innocently, his eyes wide with confusion”

“Silent,” Charles thundered.

Instead of staying silent, James opened his mouth to say something.

Afraid that he would say something shocking once again, I quickly spooned some pudding and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Dad is right.If you keep talking, I won’t take you to the dessert tasting party.”

James swallowed the pudding, pouted, and mumbled, “Mom, why are you supporting Dad?”

Reflexively, I glanced at Charles before turning my face away as a blush heated my cheeks.

The truth was, I was not supporting Charles.I was simply helping myself.I spent the rest of dinner feeling awkward and unable to look anyone in the eye.

James’ comment had been innocent, but it was not enough to lift the humiliation that was covering me like a blanket.I felt so humiliated that I didn’t want to stay in the house a moment longer.

Once the debacle that was dinner was over, I hurried the kids, wanting to leave as soon as possible.

“I can drive you home.I actually still need to go back to the company.”

Charles went downstairs with the car keys and led the kids out.

The cool evening breeze cooled some of the heat in my cheeks.

Staring at the backs of Charles and the kids, a lump lodged in my throat.

On several occasions, this exact scene had appeared in my dreams.

And every single time I had woken up in bed alone, there was nothing but the wistfulness of my dreams to keep me company, and I felt empty.

There was no warm embrace and sweet morning kiss from charles, nor the joyful laughter of the children.

What greeted me was only dead silence.

“Mommy, hurry up!” James suddenly ran back and grabbed my hand, pulling me forward.

His hands were little in mine, but soft and so full of warmth.

The warmth seemed to flow from his hand into mine before rushing up to envelop my heart.

Charles stopped and waited for us.

As soon as we walked over, he pulled my hand out of James’ and held it tightly.

This hand was bigger than mine, neither was it soft, but it was just as full of warmth.I stared up into his deep eyes that were staring down at me with undisguised tenderness.

Oh, how I wished we could stay like this forever.

“Mommy, why do you keep staring at Daddy? Is there something on his face?” James asked curiously ! The curious question snapped me out of dreamland back into reality rudely.


I averted my eyes as my ears turned red again.

Floundering, I looked around in confusion, unsure of what to do with myself.

My obsession with Charles had just been discovered by James.

What could be more embarrassing than this? In order to escape from the two of them, I hurriedly opened the door, planning to get in.

But I stopped short when I noticed a pink coat on the back seat.

Obviously, it belonged to a woman.

A faint smell of perfume wafted off the coat.

The smell was familiar, but I couldn’t immediately place where I first came into contact with this particular perfume.

When I picked up the coat, something dropped out of the pocket.

It was a woman’s underwear! “Charles, are you really interested in collecting women’s underwear?” I sneered

Charles leaned over to take a closer look.

After a moment of silence, he said hesitantly, “This is Samantha’s coat.I was drunk in the bar that day.She…”

“I don’t want to know what happened between you and her after you got drunk!” I snapped, trying my best to sound unconcerned.

The thought had a mocking smile pulling at my lips.

What right did I have to be bothered by the presence of another woman’s underwear in his car? I had divorced him, hadn’t I? He had the right to sleep with another woman, didn’t he? What’s more, he was drunk.

Wasn’t it common to make mistakes when under the influence of alcohol? All my rational reasoning failed to stop my chest from getting stuffy as angry tears stung my eyes.

“You should send her coat and underwear back as soon as you can.You never know, something might happen again when you two meet up.”

Damn! Why did I sound so jealous?!

“Kids, get out of the car. Your father has something important he needs to sort out.”

Without another word, I alighted the car and started helping each child out of the car.

The servants arrived as I was helping them out.

With a small nod, I indicated that they should take the kids back into the house first.

“Caroline, let me explain!”

“There’s no point.I already know what you are going to say.You are about to tell me it was a misunderstanding, isn’t that right? The nude photo of you and Raina was a misunderstanding.Now I found Samantha’s underpants in your car and you are going to tell me that it is also a misunderstanding, aren’t you?”

With an annoyed growl, I pushed at Charles’ chest before turning around and running away.

But I didn’t get very far before Charles caught up to me.

He grasped both my arms and forcefully dragged me into the villa.

The noise alerted Grandma and she hurried out of the kitchen to investigate.

“Why did you return so soon? Did something happen?”

“Nothing is wrong, Grandma.Caroline has misunderstood a few things and I need to explain it to her.”

Charles dragged me upstairs.He locked the door and threw me onto the bed.

My anger at his actions knew no bounds.

Growling as hot tears welled up in my eyes, I grasped everything within my reach and flung it at him.

Be it the jars, bottles or even the lamp on the bedside table, nothing was spared.

“Caroline, why don’t you trust me? Just because you saw a coat, you decided that I’ve slept with another woman! Just so you know, I am a very, very picky man.I don’t just pick up random women! And

more importantly, you are the only one I want to sleep with! … Fuck!”

Charles’ words were a continuous yell. He trailed off as he seemed to run out of steam.

Just to show him exactly what I thought of his words, I grabbed the glass on the bedside table and threw it at his forehead.

The glass grazed his face as it hit the door with a thump.

Then it crashed on the floor.


Someone shouted outside the door.

My heart missed a beat.

It was Grandma’s voice!

“Oh my God! She fell down the stairs!”

The servant’s scream came from outside.


Charles’s face also changed.

We both ran for the door at the same time.

When I got out of the bedroom, I found Grandma lying under the staircase, her head covered in blood.


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