I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1725

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1725–Alba went back on stage to continue hosting the auction. 

As the second phase started, the items were wheeled onto the stage one by one. 

The treasures were clearly better than the ones during the first phase. 

The bottom price also doubled. 

Not to mention the final price, some even increased by four or five times. 

Under the stage, David finally started getting interested. 

He casually bid for three items and spent nearly 300 billion Star Dollars. At the end of the auction, he would get 3000 lavish points after the transaction was completed. 

This was still very far away from his goal of coming to the auction. 

David wanted to bid on a few more, but if he did this, it would be too eye-catching. 

Even if he only bid three, he had already attracted the attention of a lot of people. 

Luckily, Archimedes bid on more than ten items in one go during the first phase, so he was already at the center of attention. 

Therefore, David did not stand out too much after bidding for three goods. 

During the second phase, Archimedes only bid once, which relaxed Alba a lot. 

The Fellowes family was not in the position to have a conflict with the Lightfoot family now. Judging from Grandpa Val’s action, he would surely demand an explanation from the Lightfoot family if Archimedes did not stop. 

They were all in this field, so if you could come to cause trouble at my territory, I could do the same at yours. 

At the end of the day, both sides would suffer, allowing others to benefit from their suffering. Since Archimedes stopped in time, the Fellowes family pretended like they did not see that. At most, they would take out more treasures. The Fellowes family could afford to sacrifice something so small. 

After all, the items during the first phase were not so precious. 

If Archimedes continued doing what he did during the second and third phases, the Fellowes family would have become hostile to them. 

If that happened, both sides would suffer. 

Even if the Lightfoot family were the ones to take advantage of them, they would also suffer. 

There were initially only about 20 items during the second phase. 

After Archimedes stopped, Valerio asked them to add 10 more at the last minute. 

Which meant 30 items were sold during the second phase. 

David got 3, Archimedes got 1, and the remaining 27 were shared among the other 


This was more fitting to Treasure Trove’s initial purpose of hosting this auction. 

This was a situation where everyone would be happy. 

Soon, the third phase which everyone was waiting for arrived. It was also the climax of the auction. 

Alba cleared her throat and said in a clear voice, “Fellow guests, the third phase of the auction will start soon. This is also the last phase of bidding. I believe you can’t wait anymore. Everything that’s coming up next is very valuable so you all better check if you have enough money in your pockets.” 

After she said that, someone under the stage said, “Miss Fellowes, hurry up! We can’t wait anymore. I didn’t bid just now because I was waiting for this moment. I want to take one of the valuables you mentioned home!” 

“Yeah, Miss Fellowes, stop keeping us on tenterhooks! Even though the treasures just now were not bad, it’s only valuable for certain people. They’re not enough to make us want to take them home even if it will bankrupt us. I hope the treasures up next won’t disappoint us.” 

“We’re waiting for the final item to come up.” 

“Me too!” 

“Me too!” 

The guests under the stage started to make noise. 

No matter who the host of the auction was, the final item would be the most valuable one. A lot of people came just for this. 


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