Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2898 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2898 By verygoodnovel-Back at the rented room, Joanna sat down beside the bed feeling lost.

She kept thinking about what happened last night in her mind. It’s ridiculous and unspeakable.

Hayden was a gentleman.

Joanna took the initiative last night. She saw Hayden soaking in the water, even buried his head in the water. At that time, she was very afraid that Hayden would suffocate to death.

If Hayden died like this, the police would definitely take her away.

After all, it was just the two of them in the room.

Out of various considerations, she pulled Hayden out of the water.

After pulling Hayden out of the water, things got out of control completely afterwards.

She admitted that she was confused by Hayden’s appearance.

If it was an ugly man, she would have run away long ago.

But because it was Hayden, she did the most extraordinary thing in her life.

Afterwards, apart from feeling a little ashamed, she had no other emotions.

If Hayden hadn’t been tricked by someone, she wouldn’t be able to sleep with such an excellent man in her life.

She felt that she had made money, so she didn’t take the money Hayden gave her.

“Joanna, aren’t you going to work today?” The roommate saw that the door of her room was ajar, so she opened it and walked in.

Joanna shook her head: “The editor-in-chief gave me two days off.”

“Your editor-in-chief would be so kind to give you a vacation? Does she want to fire you?” The roommate sat down beside her, trying to help her analyze.

“I got the exclusive photo of Eric and Layla’s wedding, and I did a great job, so the editor-in-chief gave me a vacation.” Joanna calmly explained.

The roommate: “F*ck! Joanna, how did you get the exclusive photos? You didn’t tell me about such a big deal! Also, when did you come back last night? I didn’t even hear about your return.”

“Three o’clock in the morning.” Joanna lay down on the bed and said lazily, “Don’t ask, I’m so tired.”

The roommate: “No, you have to tell me how you got the exclusive photos! Didn’t you say that the wedding security was so strict that not even a bird could fly in?”

“That’s right!” Joanna closed her eyes, “I got in by looking for connections.”

The roommate: “You actually have such a good relationship!”

“My primary school classmate works as a waiter inside.” Joanna opened her eyes, “Do you still think it’s awesome?”

“Amazing! Why not? As long as you’re better than me, I think it’s awesome.” The roommate sighed, “I sent out more than 300 resumes, and they all fell to nothing. Joanna, is your company hiring people?”

“If you don’t revise your resume, no one will dare to recruit you.” Joanna couldn’t laugh or cry, “Is your resume still the same sentence?”

“No! I revised it!” The roommate showed Joanna her revised resume, “Look, I added another sentence.”

Joanna: “…”

Juliette, Joanna’s roommate, her family run a business that appeared to sell building supplies.

After Juliette graduated, her family arranged a blind date for her.

She was dissatisfied with her blind date, so she ran out and hid.

After she ran away, her family cut off her source of income, so in order to save money, she shared the rent with Joanna.


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