Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2899 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2899 By verygoodnovel-Before Juliette ran away from home, she had been living a life without worrying about food and clothing. How could she have been severely beaten by the society.

So her resume was cleaner than her face.

She just wrote about where she went to university for a few years to a few years. She was now adding sentences, which were not bad habits.

“I really don’t know how to make it up. I didn’t take any certificates when I was in college, because my parents said that I don’t need to take the exam. They let me work in the company at home after graduation, so I don’t have to go outside to suffer. Who knew I was always forced to go on a blind date after graduation?” Juliette sighed in pain.

“Then let me change it with you?” Joanna got up from the bed.

Juliette shook her head: “Forget it! I’ll go back when I run out of money.”

Joanna: “Have you thought about it?”

Juliette: “Looking at how hard you are working and not earning much money, I think it’s better for me to go home.”

Joanna was deeply touched by Juliette’s words.

Joanna: “You’re right. No matter how hard ordinary people work, they can’t make much money. When you go back to your parents, at least you don’t have to worry about money. If you don’t like the date, you can change it.”

Juliette: “Joanna, you’re talking a little strangely today. Are you stimulated?”

“I haven’t seen the life of a rich man before. I saw it yesterday. It’s really exciting.” Joanna thought of Layla and Eric’s wedding gift, and wondered how many years she would have to work hard to earn it.

Juliette: “That’s why reincarnation is a skill. Joanna, when I go home and have money, I’ll lend you the money, and you first pay off the debts your family owes.”

Joanna shook her head: “No need. I’ve worked hard this year, so I should be able to pay back almost.”

“Why are you being polite to me! I see that you really feel sorry for your frugality. I lend you money, but I don’t ask you to charge interest. From now on, you can pay back whenever you have money.” Juliette expressed her sincere thoughts, “Otherwise I’ll always eat your cooking, and I’ll feel bad about it.”

Joanna: “It’s the food you bought, so why not feel sorry for it.”

“Our family hires a nanny to cook, and it costs a lot of money a month. I can’t prostitute you for nothing!” Juliette said here, afraid that she would misunderstand, and quickly explained, “I don’t treat you as a nanny, I just want to help you.”

“Haha, there’s nothing to explain. If you want to help me, it’s too late for me to thank you. How can I misunderstand your intentions!” Joanna said sincerely, “But I really don’t need to ask you to borrow money. If I meet you in the future If there is any difficulty, I will find you again.”

“Okay! But I think you are very thin-skinned. If you didn’t get to the point where you couldn’t eat, you would definitely not look for me.” Juliette teased.

“I shouldn’t be so messed up that I can’t eat, right?” Joanna couldn’t laugh or cry.

Juliette: “I’m assuming that.”

Joanna: “Don’t curse me! Can’t you pray that my job will go smoothly, that I will rise to the top and become rich overnight?”

“Think about it for yourself, with your job, can you get rich overnight?” Juliette couldn’t bear to hit her, but she didn’t want her to devote all her energy to other people’s careers, “Believe it or not, the two of us Even if you go to open a milk tea shop, you will earn more than you go to work.”

Joanna: “It takes a lot of money to open a milk tea shop, and I don’t have the money to open a shop.”

“I’m wealthy! Why don’t we open a store together when I’m wealthy? You contribute, and I pay for it.” Juliette planned, “What we earn or loss, it’ll half and half. What do you think? How about it?”

Joanna: “…”

Juliette: “Why are you in a daze? Are you still reluctant to part with your job?”

Joanna shook her head violently: “Juliette, I have no experience in opening a store, I’m afraid I’ll lose your money.”

Juliette: “If you lose, you lose! What if you make money? If I make money, I won’t be controlled by my parents anymore. Let’s try!”

Joanna: “Don’t be impulsive. You haven’t come home yet, let’s get through the current life first.”

Juliette sighed: “That’s right. Then I’ll go shopping.”

Joanna: “Well, if you don’t want to go out, you can buy it on your mobile phone. I’ll sleep for a while and get up at noon to cook.”

Juliette: “Okay. You go to sleep.”


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