I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1727

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1727–Archimedes felt very excited as he looked at the Hammer of Thunder on stage. 

This was the weapon he wanted. 

There were a lot of Soulbound Weapons in Splendor, including mid-level and high-level Soulbound Weapons. 

However, none of those made Archimedes feel as excited as the Hammer of Thunder. 

He had to get it no matter the price. 

Splendor lacked everything except money. 

Since the Fellowes family took out this kind of Soulbound Weapon, it seemed that they were burning their boats. 

However, would it work? 

At the end of the day, Treasure Trove would still belong to the Palmore family. 

If the Fellowes family could not find a new Sacred Saint as their backer, they could not escape the Palmore family’s control. 

Every major force knew this, so the Fellowes family had to know this as well. 

Moreover, there were only 6 Sacred Saints on the surface of the entire Star Kingdom. 

No one would offend the Sacred Saint from the Palmore family for the sake of the Fellowes family. 

As for the hidden ones, there might be a few around, but could the Fellowes family find them? Even if they did, why would the Sacred Saint help them? 

The Fellowes family was facing a dead end. It was just a matter of time before they died out. 

This was unless there was a miracle and the True Saint of the Fellowes family that was not injured broke through to Sacred Saint. 

This was their family’s only hope. 

“Miss Fellowes, is the hammer as magical as you said? Are you lying to us?” Someone questioned. 

“Yeah, Miss Fellowes. Since you are basing its effect off historical records, who would know its true effect since no one used it before? Is it really as strong as you said?” 

“We have the same question too. Why don’t you use it and show us the effect? If not, it’s hard for us to believe you.” 

Since someone brought this up, there would be a second, third… or even more. 

Alba had expected questions, but at the same time, she did not expect this. 

It was normal for someone to ask questions in a small auction. 

However, people usually would not question anything on an auction hosted by Treasure Trove. 

After all, their power was evident. They had a lot of assets and properties, so how could they risk their company’s reputation for some small benefit? 

If Treasure Trove encountered such questions, it meant their reputation was starting to plummet. 

Alba replied, feeling a little angry, “Everyone, Treasure Trove is one of the top five trading companies in the Central Sacred Continent. This is due to the hard work and accumulation of the ancestors of the Fellowes family and the generations after them. Do you think we would deliberately ruin the reputation of the company? Is our reputation only worth as much as a mid -level Soulbound Weapon? You underestimate us too much.” 

“Miss Fellowes, please don’t misunderstand. We’re not doubting you, but we just want to see how powerful the hammer is. There are so many of us and only one of us can get it, so the person who got it will surely treat it as a treasure and not be willing to display it. Since it’s still with you, can you show us its power to fulfill our wish?” 

This person’s words were not as harsh as what the person said just now. 

He immediately gained the acknowledgment of others. 

“He’s right. We would never doubt Treasure Trove. We just want to see how powerful it is, that’s all. I hope you will make that happen, Miss Fellowes.” 

When Alba heard that, she did not reject the request. 

Her initial goal was to satisfy everyone here. 

Hence, she could cater to this request. 

However, the person who doubted her spoke too harshly, making her a little uncomfortable. 

“Since you said that, I will show you how powerful the Hammer of Thunder is. I’ll let you see whether Treasure Trove is lying to you.” 

After Alba said that, she held the hammer with her right hand. 

Then, she used all of her peak Ruler Rank strength to activate the hammer. 

Everyone was focused on her. 


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