Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2901 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2901 By verygoodnovel-Shea was lying on the hospital bed with no expression on her face.

She fell asleep more and more easily, was more and more difficult to wake up, and her memory was getting worse.

She could feel that she might be leaving this world soon.

She remembered that many years ago, when she was about to die, she begged Wesley to take her away because she didn’t want to make Elliot sad.

This time, she was much braver.

She wanted to say goodbye to her family.

When Elliot and Avery rushed to the hospital, Shea fell asleep again.

In fact, Shea had been waiting for them for a while, but she couldn’t control her brain now.

Wesley showed Shea’s medical records to Avery.

“Her condition is very serious, and all the treatment methods that should be used have been used, with little effect. Moreover, the treatment process is very painful, and she does not want to be treated.” Wesley sat down beside the hospital bed and saying, “The doctor does not recommend continuing treatment.”

Avery quickly read Shea’s medical records.

Avery: “Since there is no plan to treat him, there is no need to stay in the hospital.”

Avery’s words made Elliot frowned tightly: “Is there really no other way?”

“Elliot, Shea’s situation is too serious. I know it’s hard for you to accept this result, but Shea is actually very lucky to be alive. I expected her life would not be long.” Avery had never dared to tell Elliot about this.

“Elliot, don’t blame Avery. The doctor said the same thing. I have already prepared myself.” Wesley looked at them calmly, “She doesn’t want to see you sad, so when she wakes up, don’t be too sad.”

Shea woke up after falling asleep for about two hours. She seemed to know someone was waiting for her.

When she woke up, seeing Elliot and Avery, the corners of her mouth immediately turned up, “elder brother…”

“I’m here.” Elliot walked to the hospital bed and held Shea’s hand, “Why didn’t you tell me when you were sick? You used to tell me no matter what happened.”

Shea’s brows and eyes were curved, but she was still smiling.

“The doctor said that my illness can’t be cured. Telling you will only annoying you.” Shea wanted to sit up.

Elliot immediately helped her up and let her lean in his arms.

“Brother, I don’t have any regrets anymore. Hazel is back, and Layla is married. My own two children, Wesley will definitely take good care of them…I’m really happy to see that everyone is doing well. ” Shea summed up her life, “Don’t tell the children about my business…they go to school, work, and are very busy, don’t bother them. This year’s Spring Festival, and Layla’s marriage, I have seen them and talked to them a lot, and I have no regrets.”

Elliot hugged her tightly, and precious memories of them kept popping up in his mind.

Shea: “Brother, are you listening to me?”

Elliot: “I heard it all.”

“Brother, are you crying?” Shea heard that Elliot’s voice was hoarse, so she raised her head to see his face.

“Shea, what else can I do for you?” Elliot looked down at her face, “As long as you tell me, I’ll do it for you.”

“Brother, I do have something to ask you.” Shea raised her hand to wipe the tears on Elliot’s cheeks, “I want to die by euthanasia, but Wesley refuses. Let Wesley agree! I don’t want to die Sometimes I still had trouble with him. I want to die happily, instead of being unconscious and so embarrassed by the pain, it’s not good at all.”

Elliot: “Our country does not allow euthanasia.”

“I know. You take me to a country that allows euthanasia. Brother, I don’t want to forget you. If I don’t die soon, I may not remember you when the time comes…you are my most precious people, is the most precious experience I have come to this world… If I forget you, I will die.”

Elliot was silent.


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