I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1726

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1726–The goods before were just appetizers. 

Only those small families would bid for them. 

The major forces would not be bothered by those treasures. 

What they needed was the treasure Alba mentioned. 

Now that they were at a critical moment, they could not wait anymore. 

“Don’t worry, since I told you it’s very valuable, I won’t let you down. Treasure Trove put in a 

lot of money for these items. Next, please welcome our staff to bring the first treasure on stage.’ 

After Alba said that, someone wheeled the first item over. 

It was still covered by a red cloth. 

Everyone under the stage was staring fixedly at it. 

Alba walked in front of the treasure and pulled a corner of the red cloth. 

The entire scene was silent. 

One could even hear the crowd’s heavy breathing. 

David’s eyes were shining as he stared straight at the stage as well. 

This treasure would determine whether he could spend the remaining 900 billion Star Dollar to achieve his goal. 

Even if this treasure was not good enough, the next one had to do it. 

Alba pulled on the corner of the cloth but she did not reveal the item for a long time, keeping everyone on tenterhooks. 

When it was about time, Alba quickly pulled away the red cloth on the treasure. 

An iron hammer shining with a blue light appeared in front of everyone. Inside the blue light were flashes of lightning. 

‘Is that… a hammer?’ 

Alba started introducing it. 

“Don’t blink. This is… um… a hammer. 

“But it’s not an ordinary hammer. It’s a mid-level Soulbound Weapon. At the same time, it’s at the highest level among mid-level Soulbound Weapons. It’s only one step away from being a high-level Soulbound Weapon. 

“Its name is Hammer of Thunder! 

“The Hammer of Thunder is the maximum mid-level Soulbound Weapon. It is very powerful, and it’s made from the Thunder Heart Stone that was refined by the Heavenly Thunder. It has a very strong thunder and lightning attributes. Whenever you’re fighting an enemy, thunder and lightning will come out at the same time with just a smash of the hammer. Your enemy 

will not be able to resist, and its attacking range is flexible. 

“If you use it at large range, it will simply display more of the hammer’s power. 

“According to historical records, a powerhouse used the Hammer of Thunder to break apart a continent with just one smash, causing countless casualties. You can see how powerful it is, and it’s definitely rare. 

“Imagine this, if you cast the Eternal Golden Body and you have the Hammer of Thunder that will emit lightning, what would the effect be like? 

“You might even smash planets with just one blow. 

“You will be the embodiment of the God of Thunder if you have this.” 

Alba rattled on. 

In the end, she did not forget to add, “Only true men use the Hammer of Thunder.” 

All the men at the auction were staring straight at the hammer. 

This hammer was gorgeous. 

It glowed with a blue light along with the occasional lightning. 

When they heard what Alba said, they started to imagine themselves casting the Eternal Golden Body and fighting their enemies with the Hammer of Thunder. 

As thunder and lightning roared, they were like the embodiment of the God of Thunder. It would look so domineering. 

They could feel their adrenaline pumping as they imagined that scene. 

No man could resist showing up on the battlefield and using this combat skill in such a domineering way. 


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