I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1731

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1731–When Alba heard that voice, her eyes lit up.

She was very familiar with that voice.

Indeed, that man never disappointed her.

The person who called out the price was, of course, David.

He was too focused on the system just now, so he did not notice the bidding had started for the Hammer of Thunder.

This was the God of Thunder Hammer, one of the top three Ancient Weapons, so David had to get it.

How could he allow Archimedes to snatch it away from him?

He would not care even if he had to expose himself and allow Archimedes to recognize him.

If he got the hammer, with a little more time, David could quickly become a partial Saint.

Would he still be scared of Archimedes then?

Of course, partial Saints were not invincible. After all, the Lightfoot family had a few True Saint ancestors. He could only say he was not scared of Archimedes and his protector Bernard, not the entire Lightfoot family.

If he wanted to achieve that, he still needed Alba’s help.

Once David yelled the price, everyone turned their eyes to him.

They wanted to see who was so fearless to not show the first-in-line heir of the Lightfoot family any respect.

‘This is going to be good.”

After Archimedes just asked Alba to announce the result since no one dared to bid anymore, someone called out 600 billion.

It was 100 billion more than his bid.

Wasn’t this a blatant slap across his face?

He was even doing it in front of so many people.

How could Archimedes endure such a grievance?

He stood up with a dark face and turned to look at David.

However, David had put on a disguise, so Archimedes did not recognize him.

“700 billion!” Archimedes continued to bid.

He also raised it by 100 billion.

Since the other party increased 100 billion, he could not lose.

Which one of the forces out there was richer than his family?

“800 billion!” David did not show any weakness.

“You!” Archimedes spat through gritted teeth.

He finally recognized David. A sinister glow shot out from his eyes, shooting straight at David.

This kid was the one who humiliated him in the tavern!

He was here again.

Combining his new and old grievances, Archimedes wanted so badly to tear David into pieces so that he would never make a comeback.

“It’s me.” David removed his disguise.

Since Archimedes recognized him, he should just admit it magnanimously.

“How do you want to die, kid?” Archimedes asked, a fire burning in his chest.

“You need to have the ability to kill me. I think you’re just a parasite. You’re riding roughshod over people because of your family. What would you be like if you didn’t have your family? You won’t even be qualified to kiss my shoe!” David answered disdainfully.

After he said that, everyone at the auction widened their eyes, their jaws also dropped to the floor.

‘W-Who is this kid?

‘He’s so bold!

‘What a savage.

‘How dare he scold the first-in-line heir of the Lightfoot family?

‘Is he not scared of retribution?

Judging from Archimedes’ character, how would he spare this kid after suffering such an insult?’


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