The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1532

Chapter 1532

Then Chloe turned her head to look at Jacob and Victor.

Jacob was Old Master Collins’ youngest son, and the Collins family was influential among these affluent families.

Although the Collins family was much worse than the Lathan family, it was also much stronger than ordinary affluent families. Most of the conflicts between Sean and those guests tonight were provoked by


Therefore, his attitude was all the more important.

“What do you think, Mr. Collins?”

Chloe asked. Her gentle calm voice was like a spring breeze.

Listening to the melodious voice and looking at Chloe’s beautiful face, Jacob subconsciously let go of his female companion’s hand as if he was mesmerized by Chloe.

However, he was a member of the Collins family after all. He soon came to his senses and nodded quickly.

“I’m not going to argue with you, Ms. Lathan. As long as Sean doesn’t give me any trouble, I won’t pick on him. But how the Collins family treats him isn’t up to me. It’s up to my father.”

“Then tell Old Master Collins what I said when you get home tonight.”

Chloe said indifferently.

With that said, Chloe looked at the silent Victor again.

Victor was the head of the Joules Town government, in charge of hundreds of people, so he was powerful in Joules Town.

However, he instantly felt guilty under Chloe’s gaze.

Before Chloe could speak, Victor quickly said, “Please don’t worry, Ms. Lathan. I won’t give you a hard time, Mr. Lennon. But I hope you’ll agree to one condition, Mr. Lennon.”

“What condition?”

Chloe glanced at the calm Sean and helped him ask.

“Mr. Lennon, I hope you’ll stay away from my daughter as far away as possible.”

Victor said solemnly.

As a father, that was the only thing he would not budge on!

Therefore, Chloe looked at Sean with questioning eyes, and Sean exhaled helplessly.

“Mr. Barlowe, I already told you I have no interest in your daughter because I’m already interested in someone! Besides, once the new orphanage is set up and everything else is handled, I will leave Joules Town… Are you relieved now?”

Victor finally nodded when Sean said so.

A conflict you could even call a war without smoke ended just like that.

Sean felt fortunate that although he was not afraid of Victor, Jacob, and other affluent families, the problem might have to be solved by force if Chloe had not arrived.

Then things would get out of hand.

Chloe’s arrival had indeed helped him!

The party restarted. The guests wanted to say hello to Chloe, but Chloe was not interested in socializing

with them.

Chloe did not even go over to talk to Victor and Jacob but stayed by Sean’s side all the time.


Chloe asked curiously as she looked at Caitlyn next to Sean.


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