Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2905 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2905 By verygoodnovel-She sat down on the sofa, and the image of Hayden was in her mind, which she couldn’t get rid of.

Hayden might not remember what she looked like, but she remembered Hayden’s appearance.

Although Hayden’s company was not in Aryadelle, Hayden was from Aryadelle, so there were often reports about Hayden in Aryadelle.

He was a prodigy in the business world, with outstanding appearance and outstanding family background. Such a man full of aura was more eye-catching than the top streamers in the entertainment industry.

Joanna turned on the phone, entered the word ‘Hayden’ in the search box, and searched.

Countless pieces of news related to Hayden suddenly appeared on the screen of the phone.

The latest news was that Hayden returned to Aryadelle to attend the funeral of his relatives.

Joanna clicked on the news.

Hayden’s aunt passed away…

The funeral was held just yesterday.

So Hayden should still be in Avonsville now.

But what about Hayden in Avonsville, was she going to tell Hayden that she’s pregnant with his child?

If she were Hayden, she would definitely fly into a rage and give her a sum of money to abort the child.

She was poor, but she still had enough money to pay for an abortion. Even though she was poor, she didn’t want to use this to make Hayden afraid.

After all, it wasn’t Hayden who forced her that night, but she herself was fascinated by Hayden.

She had never seen such an outstanding man since she was a child.

Hayden was not only talented, but also upright. How could such a man keep her from being tempted?

Thinking of this, she blushed.

She covered her face with her hands, forcing herself not to think about it any further.

she’ll go to the hospital for a checkup later to see if she’s really pregnant.

If she is really pregnant, she will figure something out.

8:00 in the morning.

Joanna was the first to see a gynecologist.

The doctor ordered her to have a blood test.

She took the list to the laboratory.

After the blood was drawn, she sat down in the chair next to her and waited for the test report.

She didn’t have breakfast in the morning, and she was hungry and cold at the moment, and the thought that she might be pregnant made her feel even more sad.

Was she really going to kill the child?

Didn’t she have to ask for leave?

How to ask for leave?

Did she need family members to accompany her during abortion?

Who would she ask to accompany her?

Her mother had an operation a few years ago, and now she was recuperating at home. Her father took care of her mother at home, and her younger brother went to a boarding school. She had no way to get her family to accompany her. Nor was her relationship with her colleagues good enough to share privacy.

No matter how she thought about it, she felt so pessimistic.

It was as if God had made a terrible joke on her on purpose.

Half an hour later, her test report came out.

She took a look at the test sheet and didn’t quite understand it.

So she took the list to the doctor to see.

After queuing for a while, it was her turn.

She handed the test sheet to the doctor. After a glance, the doctor said, “You are pregnant. When was the last time you had your period?”

Joanna’s body softened, if she hadn’t supported the table with her hands, she would have fallen down.

Joanna: “Doctor, am I really pregnant? I only have one life…”

“Look at your progesterone level, you are pregnant! Why, don’t you want a baby?” the doctor asked.


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